The Faith Series Devotionals

The Faith Series Devotionals 30-Day Bible Study Devotionals for Women  Based on Bible Characters

David’s Faith – Get your Kindle and paperback versions here. 

Esther’s Faith – Get your Kindle and paperback versions here.

Joseph’s Faith – Get your Kindle and paperback versions here.

Abraham’s Faith – I am currently writing this.

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  • Carrie S
    April 14, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    Thank you Mary Jane for your book: David’s Faith!! This Devotional book is refreshing and will delight the soul. It is an easy read for the ‘seasoned’ saint as well as the ‘non-believer’ seeking to learn more about the life of this shepherd boy DAVID and how he became king. This book is written with wit and charm that enjoyably lets you see the author’s ponderings of scripture from a woman’s point of view. It was as if her and I were sitting with a cup of coffee and discussing the details of the bible. I believe this book would be a great gift or resource to simply share with others. Knowing the author personally, I can attest to her faith in Christ as LORD and wanting to share God’s Love with others of any age. She carefully details and highlights the historical events as if they could be “seen with my own eyes”. The words take shape through the author without causing an error in the truth of scripture. I recommend reading for yourself and then sharing with others to encourage their faith or to introduce faith as the Lord leads.


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