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Questions and Answers on the book of Nehemiah 0

Nehemiah Questions and Answers

Book of Nehemiah Questions and Answers The book of Nehemiah records the account of the Jews as they rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. Who was Nehemiah? He was the governor of Persian Judah under Artaxerxes. He was the cup bearer to Artaxerxes, king of Persia. He obtained permission from king Artaxerxes to return to Jerusalem to build up the temple wall. He may have been an eunuch. Was Nisan a Jew? Nisan was the name of the first month of the Jewish calendar. I did not realize that Jerusalem was in bad shape. After the Jews were taken captive, the...


Ezra Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on the Book of Ezra There are ten chapters in the book of Ezra. Ezra was a scribe who helped the project of rebuilding the Temple of God at Jerusalem after the Jews returned to their homeland following their captivity on 70 years in Babylon. Was Cyrus a good king? He was a heathen king whom God used to help the Jews. God in Isaiah 44:28 calls Cyrus, “my shepherd” and said that he would rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. Who is Nebuchadnezzar? He was the king of Babylon. Does threescore mean 60? Yes, a “score” is...