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Questions and answers on Jeremiah 28-50 0

Jeremiah 28 to 50 Questions and Answers

Jeremiah 28-50 Questions and Answers Jeremiah 28-50 ends this book of prophecy. In these chapters, the inhabitants of Jerusalem are taken as captives into Babylon. What does “prophesieth” mean in Jeremiah 28:9? This is the progressive tense of prophecy. This is the action of presenting a prophecy as the prophet is speaking. They got the yoke off Jeremiah in Jeremiah 28. Yes, but Hananiah was a false prophet and what he said did not come to pass. He just wanted to say some good sounding news. Jer 28:15-17 “Then said the prophet Jeremiah unto Hananiah the prophet, Hear now, Hananiah;...

Questions and answers on Jeremiah 9-15 0

Jeremiah 9-15 Questions and Answers

Jeremiah 9-15 Jeremiah 9-15 continues with the prophecies against the people of Israel since they have rejected God. Their sinful practices breaks the heart of the Godly prophet. Is this the same daughter in Jeremiah 9:1 as he was talking about in Jeremiah 8? Yes, still the nation of Israel. The people in Jeremiah 9:1-6 did not know God. They rejected God. What is “wormwood and gall to drink”? Both are very bitter liquids, so bitter that you cannot drink them. If all you had to drink was wormwood and gall you would die of dehydration. What does the LORD...