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Questions and answers on Daniel 1-7 0

Daniel 1-7 Questions and Answers

Daniel Chapters 1-7 Daniel 1-7 introduces the young Jewish man Daniel who was captured by the Babylons and made an eunuch. As a young man he took a stand for the God of Israel and God blessed him greatly. Was Chaldean the language they spoke in Babylon in Daniel 1:4? The king spoke in the Chaldean language. Why were Daniel and his friends treated so very well? Their captor realized that the young Jewish people were very smart and they wanted to train and use them for their purposes. Actually they all were made eunuchs so in that way they...

Questions and answers on Daniel 8-12 0

Daniel 8-12 Questions and Answers

Daniel Chapters 8-12 Daniel chapters 8-12 ends the book of Daniel but contains some very interesting prophecies and also records the account of Daniel in the lions’ den. What was the vision in Daniel 8? Basically, the rise of to world empires that will come after the Babylonia Empire (Nebuchadnezzer). It speaks of the fight between the ram, Persia, which will overthrow the Babylonians in 539 B.C., and then the “rough he goat,” the Grecian, or Macedonia Empire, under Alexander the Great, who will conquer the Persian Empire in 331 B.C. As the Scriptures go on, it mentions that the...

Questions and Answers on Psalm 41-55 0

Psalms 41-55 Questions and Answers

Psalms 41-55 Questions and Answers Psalms 41-55 continues with the study on the songbook of the Jewish people. The book of Psalms provides some interesting tidbits of information that are worthy of examination. Who is Korah? He was the author of 11 of the Psalms. Most of the psalms attributed to Korah express gratitude, humility and devotion to a wonderful powerful God. Who are Hermonites? Mount Hermon had three summits. The Hermonites were the people who lived there. Could this be a reference to the fallen angels? Some Bible scholars say that Mt. Hermon was there the fallen angels come...