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Questions and Answers on Malachi 0

Malachi – Questions and Answers

Malachi – The Last Book of the Old Testament The minor prophet Malachi, sometimes called “the seal of prophecy”, ends the Old Testament. God ordered prophecy should cease until the time of John the Baptist. The prophet is sent by God to reprove the Jewish people of the neglect of God’s Temple. Also he points to the coming Messiah. Are they talking about dragons in Malachi 1:3? Yes, I don’t know for sure what kind of animal they are referring to when they say “dragons”. The Bible does refer to fire breathing beasts from which we get the stories of...

Questions and answers on Micah 0

Micah Questions and Answers

Micah 1-6 Questions and Answers The book of Micah with only seven chapters is one of the minor prophets yet his message from God is anything but minor. Among other prophecies he foretold that the coming Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. What does it mean “the valleys shall be cleft, as wax before the fire” in Micah 1:4? The topographical landscape, specifically here the valleys will be cleft – split, divided partially into two – as easily as wax melts before a fire. What are the transgressions of Jacob in Micah 1:5? This was idolatry being practiced in the...

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Isaiah 51-60 Questions and Answers

Isaiah 51-60 Questions and Answers Isaiah 51-60 includes the wonderful prophetic chapter Isaiah 53 telling of the suffering of the coming Messiah. Who is talking in Isaiah 51:1? The prophet Isaiah is giving God’s message. In Isaiah 51:5 is God talking? Yes, He is speaking through the prophet Isaiah. Is God saying in Isaiah 51 that here are no good people? Basically, yes. Are they saying if you are not circumcised you are unclean in Isaiah 52:1? Yes, the Jewish people had the sign of circumcision and circumcision made them ceremonially “clean”. Circumcision was a sign between God and His...