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Questions and Answers on Isaiah 36-42 0

Isaiah Chapters 36-42 Questions and Answers

Isaiah Chapters 36-42 Isaiah 36-42 continues the Bible study on the book of Isaiah. Isaiah 36-39 records events in the life of King Hezekiah. Chapter 40 is a natural break in the book of Isaiah and starts a different type of prophetic message. Was Rabshakeh trying overthrow Jerusalem? Yes, he wanted to conquer it. The king of Assyria was a bad king? Yes, he wanted to conquer Jerusalem. Where is Telassar in Isaiah 37:12? The exact location is not known since there were more than one place which had that name but it was probably in the area of Mesopotamia....

Questions and Answers on 2 Kings 17-25 0

2 Kings 17-25 Questions and Answers

2 Kings 17-25 Questions and Answers What is meant by “hardened their neck”? 2 Kings 17:14  This a a phrase that is similar in meaning to “stiffnecked”. All this means is that these people were stubborn in there rejection of God and His ways. What was meant by “removed them out of his sight? The only people left was of the tribe of Judah in 2 Kings 17:18?People are never out of God’s sight literally. This is figurative. They rejected Him, they wanted false gods so He for a time turned away from them as a nation. He put them...