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Q & A on Hosea 0

Hosea and Joel Questions and Answers

Minor Prophets –  Hosea and Joel Hosea and Joel are both minor prophets books of the Bible, but they both have some major lessons for us to learn. The book of Hosea has fourteen chapters and Joel has only three. The book of Hosea tells about the prophet Hosea and his unfaithful wife Gomer which he was to love unconditionally as a sign of God’s unconditional love to the nation of Israel. Hosea was to married to a whore in the book of Hosea 1:2. Why? The nation of Israel was determined to leave their God and served idols despite...

Questions and Answers on Jeremiah 1-8 0

Jeremiah 1-8 Questions and Answers

Book of Jeremiah – Chapters 1-8 Jeremiah 1-8 starts the book of Jeremiah. The book of Jeremiah is the second book of the major prophets.  Jeremiah was the prophet to Judah. Because of his burden seeing how the Israelites rejected God, Jeremiah is called the Weeping Prophet. What evil will come out of the north in Jeremiah 1:14? This is a reference of Nebuchadnezzar and his army of the Babylonian empire. God will always be stronger than bad people. Yes, because He created all of the people, even the bad people. What does “espousal” mean in Jeremiah 2:2? Espousal –...

Questions and Answers on Genesis 35-38 0

Genesis 35-38 Questions and Answers

Joseph Sold and Judah’s Illicit Affair –  Genesis Chapters 35-38 Genesis 35-38 introduces Joseph and tells about his brother Judah. Is Bethel still a town today? No, Bethel disappeared from history after 300 AD. What was the strange gods in their hands in Genesis 35? Why the earrings? These were idols that they had. Even though they acknowledged the true God they still adopted the gods of the surrounding peoples. As for the earrings, somehow theses seemed to be associated with idol worship at least at that time. Jacob had a lot of kids. Yes, he had 12 sons and...