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Genesis 39-50 Questions and answers 0

Genesis 39-50 Questions and Answers

Genesis 39-50 Summary Genesis 39-50 concludes the life of Joseph and the book of Genesis. Joseph had a very interesting life. He was sold into slavery by his brothers, who hoped that by doing so, he would die, just not by their hand. Then he was imprisoned as an innocent man. Finally he was promoted to vice-ruler over all of the land of Egypt. Then, he was re-united at last with his family. Joseph in so many ways is an illustration, a type of Jesus Christ himself. Despite all of his trials, Joseph was a very honorable man. And in...

Questions and Answers on Genesis 35-38 0

Genesis 35-38 Questions and Answers

Joseph Sold and Judah’s Illicit Affair –  Genesis Chapters 35-38 Genesis 35-38 introduces Joseph and tells about his brother Judah. Is Bethel still a town today? No, Bethel disappeared from history after 300 AD. What was the strange gods in their hands in Genesis 35? Why the earrings? These were idols that they had. Even though they acknowledged the true God they still adopted the gods of the surrounding peoples. As for the earrings, somehow theses seemed to be associated with idol worship at least at that time. Jacob had a lot of kids. Yes, he had 12 sons and...