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Questions & Answers on Isaiah 43-45 0

Isaiah 43-45 Questions and Answers

Isaiah 43-45 Questions and Answers Isaiah 43-45 are positive in tone as they talk about God’s promises and His mercy and grace to His people. Who or what is Ethiopia and Seba in Isaiah 43: 3? These are both countries. Ethiopia is still a modern day country and is located in the continent of Africa. Seba was an ancient country most likely located in north eastern Africa also. God was giving Jacob everything so he could get ahead. Yes, and because of God’s promise to Abraham. Jacob here is not necessarily a single person but rather represented the whole nation...

Genesis 28-34 0

Genesis 28-34 Questions and Answers

Summary of Genesis 28-34 Since Jacob bought the birthright from his brother Esau, Jacob had the blessing of God. It was through Jacob that the promised One, Jesus Christ would eventually come. These chapters record the events of Jacob’s life including his four wives and his 12 sons an done daughter. While God allowed Jacob to have four wives and blessed him too, this was not a happy family unit. Perhaps this illustration of multiple wives is to show that polygamy does not really work. Genesis chapter 28 records the vision that Jacob had about the ladder reaching up to...

Genesis 23-27 0

Genesis 23-27 Questions and Answers

Bible Study Summary of Genesis 23-27 After Sarah died at 127 years old, Abraham bought a burying place for her. It is interesting to note that Sarah is the only woman in the Bible whose age is given. With Sarah passed away, Abraham’s next move is to find a wife for their son Isaac. So Abraham sends his faithful, but unnamed servant to find a wife from his people, for his son. This unnamed servant is a type of the Holy Spirit of God. At the well, the servant prays that God would send the right woman for his master’s...