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Questions and Answers on PRoverbs 18-22 0

Proverbs 18-22 Questions and Answers

Proverbs 18-22 Proverbs 18-22 continues with the loving instruction of a father to a son including some advice about wine and women and even a warning against pride. What does “harder” mean in Proverbs 18:19? This means “very difficult”. What does “entreated” mean in Proverbs 18:22? To make an earnest petition or request. A son that does not honor his father and mother is a very bad person. If someone cannot be polite to their own parents they will not be good to anyone else. Is it saying that you should not drink wine in Chapter 20:1 in Proverbs? Not...

Questions and Answers on Proverbs 10-17 0

Proverbs 10 -17 Questions and Answers

Proverbs 10-17 Proverbs 10-17 continue a father’s instruction to his son. As the book of Proverbs progresses, the content is directed to an older son. What does “causeth” mean in Proverbs 10:5? This means “continually causes”. What does “prating” mean in Proverbs 10:8? Prating – to talk excessively and pointlessly; to babble. This is characteristic of foolish people. What do then mean “love covers all sins” in Proverbs 10:12? Love seeks to overlook offenses and to cover sins instead of making them public. Everyone sins against someone and it is truly a sign of love to forgive and forget others’...