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Genesis 39-50 Questions and answers 0

Genesis 39-50 Questions and Answers

Genesis 39-50 Summary Genesis 39-50 concludes the life of Joseph and the book of Genesis. Joseph had a very interesting life. He was sold into slavery by his brothers, who hoped that by doing so, he would die, just not by their hand. Then he was imprisoned as an innocent man. Finally he was promoted to vice-ruler over all of the land of Egypt. Then, he was re-united at last with his family. Joseph in so many ways is an illustration, a type of Jesus Christ himself. Despite all of his trials, Joseph was a very honorable man. And in...

Questions and answers on Exodus 13-19. 0

Exodus 13-19 Bible Study

Exodus 13-19 Bible Study Questions and Answers Exodus 13-19 is a roller coaster of emotions. These chapters start with the journey from Egypt and toward the Promised Land. Because they are His people, God has some rules that He expects them to follow. In chapter 13 God tells Moses about sanctifying the first born. This setting apart of all of the firstborn is a reminder of the death of the firstborn in Egypt unless they applied the blood. In Exodus 13: 19, Moses took the bones of Joseph to bury in the Promised Land like Joseph himself requested about 400...