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Questions and answers on Numbers 23-29 0

Numbers 23-29 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers from Numbers Chapters 23-29 In Numbers 23 Why did Balaam want Balak to build 7 altars and sacrifice 7 oxen and 7 rams? Balak hired Balaam to curse Israel. Balaam wanted God’s blessing in cursing His people, so he had 7 alters erected. In Numbers 23 why did Balak want Balaam to curse Israel? Israel was a threat to this heathen king, and he was afraid of them, so he wanted the prophet Balaam to curse them. In Numbers 24: 17 what prophecy has not yet come to pass? The words, “a Sceptre” is a reference to...

Questions and Answers on Numbers 16-22 0

Numbers 16-22 Questions and Answers

Bible Questions and Answers on Numbers chapters 16-22 In Numbers 16: 1-4 Why did they rise up against Moses and Aaron? These guys were accusing Moses and Aaron that they had placed themselves in a holy and exalted position. Their argument was that everyone one in the congregation were all equally holy and all should have had the same rights as did Moses and Aaron. They were wrong because God had specifically chosen Moses and Aaron to do this job. In Numbers 16:17 What is a censer? A censer is a container in which incense is burned. In Numbers 16...