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2 Chronicles 10-21 Questions and Answers

2 Chronicles 10-21 Questions and Answers What did it mean “My little finger shall be thicker than my father’s loins.” in 2 Chronicles 10:10?  This was a figure of speech that meant that he (Rehoboam) will be far harsher than his father was in matters of laws, taxes, etc. Is it the same Bethlehem as it is today? Basically it is the same – same location etc. Rehoboam got rid of the priests that were Aaron sons and put other men as priests? No, Jeroboam did this and the priests and the Levites went to Rehoboam’s kingdom. 2 Chronicles 11:13...

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2 Chronicles 22-29 Questions and Answers

2 Chronicles 22-29 Questions and Answers In 2 Chronicles 22 who did not get killed but was hidden away? The future king of Judah – Joash (he was a good king) was hid from his murdering grandmother Athaliah.  Why did they kill Athaliah? She had murdered all of the royal seed except for her grandson Joash who was hidden from her. She was a murderess. Who helped Joash when he was so young?  Jehoiada the priest was Joash’s helper and counselor according to 2 Kings 12:2. Who broke the house of the LORD?  The kings that who did not worship...


 2 Chronicles 30-36 Questions and Answers

 2 Chronicles 30-36 Questions and Answers What is stiffnecked in 2 Chronicles 30:8? This means that someone is so stubborn that they will not move their heads. Was Hezekiah a good king?  He was one of the very best kings of Judah. Who took away the altars in 2 Chronicles 30:14? King Hezekiah’s men took away the heathen altars. They had burnt offerings to the new moons in 2 Chronicles 31:3? They did not worship the moon. Their calendar was a lunar calendar when there was a new moon, like the beginning of our month; there were sacrifices at that...