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1 Chronicles 1-6 Questions and Answers

1 Chronicles 1-6 Questions and Answers Not all the kings are in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2? The book of Chronicles starts with genealogies which have nothing to do with the kings of Judah. 1 Chronicles Chapter 1 summary: The genealogy of Adam to Noah, verses 1-3. Of Noah to Abraham, verses 4-27.The sons of Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac, verse 28. The sons of Ishmael, verses 29-31. The sons of Keturah, verses 32, 33. The sons of Esau, verses 34-42. A list of the kings of Edom,verses 43-50. A list of the dukes of Edom, verses 51-54. Verses 29-54 are...

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1 Chronicles 16 – 29 Questions and Answers

1 Chronicles 16-29 Questions and Answers What is a “good piece of flesh”? This was a generous portion of meat. What is a sheepcote? A sheepcote is a shelter for sheep. Is a garrison a fort? Yes, this is a military camp or base. The word “garrison” could also refer to the men who are camped there. What is a scribe? A scribe is a person who copied documents. They were also record keeper. Are the Syrians back then the same as they are today? Yes, I am sure that they did not change very much. Why did Satan cause...