Song of Solomon Questions and Answers

Q & A on Song of SolomonSong of Solomon Questions and Answers

The Song of Solomon is a very romantic and sweet book written by Solomon. It is about a young couple very much in love and a good reminder to any married couple. This lovely book very candidly shows the picture of the physical joys of marriage. Symbolically, the application of the love of God toward Israel and/or the love of Christ for His Bride. Although this book was inspired by God, this is one of the books of the Bible where the name of God is not mentioned. The other book is the book of Esther.

Who is the woman in the first chapter? I don’t know. All I know is that she is referred to as the “Shulamite” which is the feminine form of the name “Solomon” meaning peace. I think that this woman was not a real woman but was Solomon’s idea of the perfect bride. She is a type of both Israel and the Church.

What ointment are they talking about in Song of Solomon 1:3? Some sort of perfumed cream.

Was Solomon black? I am not sure. He could have been. Some Jews were very dark skinned. The girl said she was black because of the sun.

In Song of Solomon 1, were they living in a forest? I don’t know, but they really seemed to enjoy nature.

What does “roe” mean? A roe is a type of deer.

Is Solomon talking about his wife? The woman is the Shulamite woman and she did marry him.

I didn’t know that frankincense grew on trees. It doesn’t. Frankincense is obtained from the resin from the sap of the Boswellia trees, it is not a fruit or flower.

I know I heard “well of living water” in Song of Solomon 4:15 but I cannot remember it. The hymn “Springs of Living Water” is in our hymnal.

Finished with the Song of Solomon? Continue with the book of Ezra.

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