Psalms 70-95 Questions and Answers

Psalms 70-95 Questions and Answers

Q & A on Psalms 70-95Psalms 70-95 continue the questions and answers on the book of Psalms – prayers and praises to God.

Why did David say that he was poor and needy? David realized that all they he had was from God. Maybe when he wrote this Psalm he was in the wilderness running for his life from Saul and had next to nothing. Even as king he realized that he had nothing, all that he had was from God and therefore he in himself was both poor and needy.

What does it mean “He took me out of my mother’s bowels”? God allowed him to be born.

Was the writer of Psalm 71 praying in this psalm? Yes he was.

Where is Sheba? This could be an ancient civilization in South Arabia.

Who is Asaph? He was one of the Levities that King David assigned as a worship leader in the tabernacle choir. He was a skilled singer and poet.

In Psalm 73:11 “And they say, How doth God know?”. The ungodly do not think that God knows all, therefore they do and say sinful things thinking that God does not hear them and they will not be judged by Him.

Was Asaph a bad person that he turned to God in Psalm 73? No, Asaph was a Godly person but he was thinking about how the wicked people acted and how God will deal with the wicked.

Who is Mascheil? This was not necessarily a person. Rather the term “Mascheil” is a term that instructs or makes to understand. This may be an instructive song.

Here are words I don’t understand:

Congregation – a group of people gathered together
Perpetual – never ending or changing; everlasting
Desolations – complete emptiness or destruction; anguished misery or loneliness
Ensigns – symbols, or tokens (think flags) of authority
Synagogues – places of worship for the Jews
Leviathan – a sea serpent also can refer to the devil
Tumult – a loud, confused noise, especially one caused by a large mass of people; confusion or disorder

What do they mean” to the wicked “Lift up not up the horn” in Psalm 75:4? This mean not being prideful or haughty, rather being humble.

What do they mean speak not with stiff necks in Psalm 75:5? This verse mean that you are not to speak with pride and contempt.

In Psalm 75:6 “For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.” Why does his verse does not mention “north”? This verse means that that God promotes people, even the heathen. “North” is associated with God. God ultimately promotes people.

Who is Asaph? He was one of the Levities that King David assigned as a worship leader in the tabernacle choir. He was a skilled singer and poet.

Does meek mean weak? No. Being meek is being very strong, but having that strength controlled.

Did God go away in Psalm 77? They, the person who was writing this sounded like He did. God was angry with His people for rejecting Him and if He was rejected then He was not near to them since they did not want Him.

What do they mean, “And they remembered that God was their rock and the high God their redeemer” in Psalm 78:35? The children of Israel were angry at Moses when they wondered in the wilderness. God got mad at them and killed some of them and then they got right with God. God established Moses as their leader and begin angry with Moses was indirectly being angry with God. After God punished them then they remembered that God was in control and He was taking care of them.

What Joseph are they talking about in Psalm 78:67? This was the Joseph in Genesis.

In Psalm 78 are they talking about Moses? Yes.

In Psalm 79 who was talking and was God was mad at them? This is a psalm of Aspah. God was angry with His people who rejected Him and worshiped idols instead of Him.

Who is Aspah? He was one of the Levities that King David assigned as a worship leader in the tabernacle choir. He was a skilled singer and poet.

Was God still mad at His people in Psalm 81? He is only angry with His people when they reject Him possibly worshipping other gods. He does not want to be angry with His people.

Why in Psalm 82:1 say He judgeth among the gods? “The gods” mean the rulers of the people. The rulers of this world are appointed by God Himself, they are allowed to rule and someday they will have to answer to Him.

What does “tumult” mean in Psalm 83:2? This means a large group of people complaining or a large group of angry protestors.

Where is Baca, near what town? Baca – “The valley of weeping” I am not quite sure where exactly this pace was.

In Psalm 85:6 are they praying for the church? No, this was generally about the Jewish people or all of the people that believed in Him.

The salvation they talk about it the same salvation we talk about? Yes, it is salvation from hell.

In Psalm 86 it is almost the same as another Psalm. Hmmm which one?

The pit they talk about is it hell? Yes, this is a reference to hell.

Who are they talking about when they say “the Holy One of Israel is our king”? I believe that this is a reference to Jesus.

What does he mean in Psalm 89:27 he will make his firstborn higher than the kings of the earth? This is a reference to the coming of Jesus Christ.

What does it mean in Psalm 91:8 “only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the rewards of the wicked”? God will severely punish the wicked people and the righteous will be able to see it but they will not be involved in the punishment of the wicked people.

What do they mean, “They shall still bring forth fruit in old age” in Psalm 92:14? The righteous people, God’s people will continue to be able to serve God even their old age.

Are they talking about other floods that happened after the big flood in Psalm 93? The “floods” here refer to the waves of the sea.

What does “brutish” mean in Psalm 94:8? Brutish people mean foolish, unlearned, un-mannered people.

What does “chastiseth” mean in Psalm 94:10? Punishments in order to correct people.

In Psalm 94 who was talking?  Scholars are not sure who exactly wrote this Psalm but many think it was David.

Is Psalm 95 talking about the people who wandered for 40 years? This is a reference to those who wandered in the wilderness.

Are talking about when God comes back to judge us in Psalm 95? Yes, I think this means all of the judgments that God will do including the 1000 year reign.

Are they talking that we should get right with God in Psalm 95? Yes, because He deserves our praise.

Finished with Psalms 70-95? Continue with Psalms 96 – 118.

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