Psalms 13-40 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Psalms 13-40Psalms 13-40 Questions and Answers

Psalms 13-40 questions and answers include the most well known and well loved psalm- Psalm 23.

What does “backbiteth” mean? This means talking nasty behind someone’s back.

What do they mean “saints are in the earth”? These are the people in service to God – Old Testament believers, you could make an application of the Church today.

What do they mean in Psalm 17:10 about fat? “They are inclosed in their own fat” This phrase means that these people are puffed up with pride, actually their hearts are prideful.

In Psalm 18:7 was it an earthquake? God is answering they prayer of His servant and in so doing He is shaking the earth.

What is a cherub in Psalm 18:10? A cherub is an angel with four wings and four faces.

Who is talking in Psalm 19?  David

In Psalm 20:5 whose salvation are they talking about? God’s saving the person from physical injury.

What does “countenance” mean? “Countenance” – a person’s face or facial expression. Psalm 21:6 – “Thou hast made him exceeding glad with thy countenance.” This means that someone is very happy to see the person and they are smiling, there is joy in their face.

Who was talking in Psalm 22? It was like he was praying to God and God was not answering. You are so right. Psalm 22 is a psalm of David. But this is a prophetic psalm. Although David is writing this psalm it is actually looking forward to Jesus’ death on the cross. He wanted God to deliver Him yet He knew that God could not because the Cross was His choice and His purpose.

How did Psalm 23 become so vital? This is a short but very comforting psalm. This psalm offers a ton comfort from the Good Shepherd, especially when facing death.

We are all trying to have clean hands a pure hearts but we all fall short. Exactly, but we need to try as much as we can.

David in Psalm 25:7, he was saying not my sins of his youth, what about his sins when he was older? I think that he was reflection on some of the stupid sinful things he did as a younger man. However we are not told how old he was when he wrote this and what exact time period he means by “his youth”. Yes, he was very grieved with his sins as he got older too. Psalm 51 is one of the Psalms where he regrets his sins as an older man.

Why would you be ashamed if you put your trust in God? Psalm 25:20 I think that David means is that because he is trusting in God to deliver him that God will hear, and will deliver him. If God does not deliver him, then it would make David look bad (ashamed) because he trusted in God and God did not help him.

What does “dissemblers” mean in Psalm 26:4? Dissemblers – the hidden ones, the dark designers, the secret plotters and conspirators in the state.

Part of Psalm 27:1 was on a greeting card. What did they just use part of it and not the whole thing? Perhaps they did not want to use up more space or . Maybe they thou that just part of the verse got the point across that they wanted.

What does “sitteth” means? This means “sits”. All you have to do is drop the –“th” and add a “-s”.

What did he “sitteth upon the flood”? God controls the elements. He was in total control of the flood of Noah.

What does “supplication” mean in Psalm 30:8? This means to plead humbly or to ask someone in power for help.

What does Psalm 30:9 mean? David is saying that if he were to die he would be of no used dead.

What does “supplications” mean in Psalm 31:22? David is saying that even though it seemed that God did not care about him, David knew that God heard his pleas—supplications—for help from God.

In Book 1 in Psalm David is praying. Yes, he was.

After the great flood were there any more floods? There were floods but never worldwide like Noah’s flood.

What does “psaltery” mean? This is a specific stringed instrument.

In Psalm 34 was David asking for government? Not necessarily, he was just praising God in a general way.

In Psalm 35 asking for help? Yes, it seems his life was in danger.

In Psalm 37:29 is he talking about the 1,000 year reign of Jesus? I think so and you could make an application even about heaven also. Good observation.

What is a green bay tree? This is probably the bay laurel, a tall evergreen often used as a symbol of prosperity.

In Psalm 38 was he was asking God to forgive him? Yes he is.

In Psalm 39 he acts like he is dying. Dying may have been in the back of David’s mind but he is asking for God’s mercy on him even in daily life.

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