Psalms 41-55 Questions and Answers

Psalms 41-55 Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers on Psalm 41-55

Psalms 41-55 continues with the study on the songbook of the Jewish people. The book of Psalms provides some interesting tidbits of information that are worthy of examination.

Who is Korah? He was the author of 11 of the Psalms. Most of the psalms attributed to Korah express gratitude, humility and devotion to a wonderful powerful God.

Who are Hermonites? Mount Hermon had three summits. The Hermonites were the people who lived there. Could this be a reference to the fallen angels? Some Bible scholars say that Mt. Hermon was there the fallen angels come to earth and mated with the women producing giants. This may be a reference to the half angel, half human giants – scary individuals.

Where is the hill Mizar? This is a small mountain or hill near Mt. Hermon.

In Psalm 43 was he praying to God to help him? Yes, David sounds very depressed and even defeated but he is trying to encourage himself in God.

Why do some Psalms have words about them at the beginning and some don’t? These are titles of the psalms but they are inspired by God and part of the text of the psalm. These titles sometimes give information on the composer of the psalm, or the type of psalm, perhaps a bit of history or even the suggestion for the appropriate musical instrument. Sometimes the purpose of the psalm is included in the title.

In Psalm 44 did he turn away from God? No, I don’t think so. David felt that God had deserted him and wondered why.

If Psalm 45 was a song of loves who were they talking about? This could be associated with a marriage? Another application is the love of God toward His people.  Verses 10-14 seem to be addressed directly to a lady.

Who is Alamoth? This is a musical term indicating that the psalm be sung by females – soprano voices.

Why did he say “the LORD most high was terrible” in Psalm 47:2? The LORD is powerful, mighty and scary, especially if you are not “on His good side”. No one can resist His power or stand before His vengeance.

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