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Text reads Questions and answers on Proverbs chapters 23-30Proverbs 23-31 – Questions and Answers

Proverbs 23-31 ends the book of Proverbs. The last chapter of Proverbs, Proverbs 31 describes the ideal wife which is a standard for all Christian women.

In Proverbs 23 you should not do bad things to the poor? Yes, you need to be kind to the poor. You have what you do by the grace of God.

What does it mean to “put a knife to your throat if you are a man given to appetite” in Proverbs 23:2? Do whatever it takes even to the point of cutting your throat (figuratively speaking) to keep from eating too much in the presence of a ruler.

What does “desirous” mean in Proverbs 23:3? Desiring means wanting, in this case, his food.

What does “dainties” mean in Proverbs 23:3? Dainties is a reference to any type of rich expensive gourmet food.

It does say that it is alright to use the rod, but not to abuse the child? Yes, the Bible seems to teach that when you spank a child you need to use an object i.e. “rod”, not your hand.

In Proverbs 23:20 Does it mean that the person should be strong in the way of God?  This is practical advice about eating. This verse tells us to eat only what is good for you  and don’t be a glutton.

What is a “strange woman” in Proverbs 23:27? This is another name for a whore or any woman who wants to seduce a man other than her husband. This is a warning against fornication and adultery.

In Proverbs 24 it is better to stay strong in the LORD than be with foolish people. Being strong in the LORD is being wise.

What does “dross” mean in Proverbs 25:4? Dross is the scum or unwanted debris that forms on the surface of melted metal. The dross is skimmed off so that the resulting metal is pure.

What does Proverbs 25:11 means? Wise words are compared to and are as valuable as expensive works of art.

Was there snow back then? Yes, the seasons were the same as today.

Are you to feed your enemy if he is hungry? Yes. You are to show kindness to your enemy, hopefully by doing so he will repent and perhaps become your friend. This is also an application of sharing the Gospel with everyone, even your enemies. Again, if you share the Gospel, they may repent and become your friend.

 What does snow and rain have to do with honor and a fool in Proverb 26:1? It is not right for there to be snow in the summer and rain during harvest time is bad. Abnormal weather patterns are disturbing, so too is a foolish person who is honored.

What is “the curse causeless”? A curse is an evil wish upon someone that comes true. This is saying that when there is an evil wish to someone, there is a cause for that evil. But all things, good or evil are allowed by God. All things are not good, but God does work all things out for good for those that love God and are trying to serve Him, even curses, see Romans 8:28.

Are we supposed to answer a fool according to his folly or not answer a fool according to his folly in Proverbs 26:4&5?  The phrase “according to his folly means to give back a foolish answer to a foolish person.  These two verses seem to contradict themselves. In verse 4, sometimes a smart answer many be helpful to the foolish person or sometimes, according to verse 5, it is more appropriate to give a foolish answer as a rebuke the foolish person.

What are they talking about a stone and a sling in verse 8 of Proverbs 26? If you tie a stone to a sling, it will not fly out like it is supposed to do and your efforts  throwing the sling is wasted, so too if you give honor to a foolish person your efforts are wasted also since a foolish person is not an honorable person.

Why is the slothful person seeing lions in verse 13 of Proverbs 26? The lazy person will use any excuse not to attempt work, even a chance of seeing a stray lion.

In Proverbs 27:6 Why would a friend wound you and an enemy kiss you?  When a true friend would do something that initially hurts you, it is only for you good because they truly do care about you and their wounding will be for you future benefit, but your enemy, even if they would be nice to you even to the point to kissing you, would only to put on a show in order to eventually hurt you.

Friends are important in Proverbs 27:10. Yes, the book of Proverbs is about the relationships between people. Friends are very important; they are a gift of God so thank God for your friends and treat your friends well.

The knowledge mentioned in Proverbs 28:2, does that mean that you have knowledge of God? Yes, in the sense that all good knowledge comes from God but no, in that just because you may have good knowledge does not necessarily mean you are saved.

What does it mean: “A man that flattereth his neighbor speadeth a net for his feet” in Proverbs 29:5?   A man that flatters someone else is actually setting himself up to bring evil on himself.

What are the 4 things that are never satisfied in Proverbs 30:15?  These are : (1) the grave -death  (2) the barren womb  – a woman who cannot have children (3) the earth that is not filled with water  – drought (4) fire – since it is always consuming.

Did Agur write Proverbs 30? Yes, he was a different person than King Solomon.

Did King Lemuel write Proverbs 31? Yes, this may (or may not be) another name for King Solomon.

What does “spoil” mean in Proverbs 31:11?  This means that the husband of a wise wife will not have to resort to any illegal or unlawful ways of obtaining money.

If the mother is good, kind and believes in God she is a treasure to her husband and children. Yes, you are right.

Finished with Proverbs 23-31? Continue with the book of Ecclesiastes.

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