Proverbs 18-22 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on PRoverbs 18-22

Proverbs 18-22

Proverbs 18-22 continues with the loving instruction of a father to a son including some advice about wine and women and even a warning against pride.

What does “harder” mean in Proverbs 18:19? This means “very difficult”.

What does “entreated” mean in Proverbs 18:22? To make an earnest petition or request.

A son that does not honor his father and mother is a very bad person. If someone cannot be polite to their own parents they will not be good to anyone else.

Is it saying that you should not drink wine in Chapter 20:1 in Proverbs? Not necessarily, but he is warning against being deceived by wine and strong drink, so this is a caution against drinking and especially drinking in excess.

What does it mean “strange woman” in Proverbs 20:16? This could refer to any woman who is not your wife who wants to seduce you, this includes prostitutes.

What does “divers weights” mean in Proverbs 20:23? This refers to sellers who would use dishonest means to measure out goods. So if you wanted to buy a pound of coffee a dishonest vendor could measure you a pound of coffee when he used “divers weights” and it was actually less than a pound but he make you think that you were paying for a full pound.

Does it mean that a man might think that he is right in his own eyes but his heart is not right in Proverbs 21:2?  As sinful human beings we want to please ourselves and our flesh. So we sometimes justify sin. God knows our hearts and we must realize that what we do and want to do is acceptable before God because He sees our true intentions.

A proud heart is not good. No, God hates a proud heart.

What does a “brawling woman” mean in Proverbs 21:9? This is referring to a woman who is always trying to pick a fight with her family members.

In Proverbs 12:19 it is better not to live in a house with an angry woman? Yes, a constantly angry woman will make your life miserable.

I do believe what Proverbs 21:23 says. It is wise to keep your mouth shut.

Does it mean if you are simple person that you will be a good person in Proverbs 22:3? Not necessarily. A “simple” person in Proverbs means a person wit-house wisdom. A simple person is the opposite of a prudent person. In this verse, the prudent and wise person foresees danger and avoids it but the one without wisdom, walks right into danger and therefore gets hurt – the Bible uses the word “punished”.

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