Numbers 23-29 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers from Numbers Chapters 23-29

Questions and answers on Numbers 23-29In Numbers 23 Why did Balaam want Balak to build 7 altars and sacrifice 7 oxen and 7 rams? Balak hired Balaam to curse Israel. Balaam wanted God’s blessing in cursing His people, so he had 7 alters erected.

In Numbers 23 why did Balak want Balaam to curse Israel? Israel was a threat to this heathen king, and he was afraid of them, so he wanted the prophet Balaam to curse them.

In Numbers 24: 17 what prophecy has not yet come to pass? The words, “a Sceptre” is a reference to Jesus in the Kingdom age.

In Numbers 25:3 who is Baalpeor? This was an idol of the Midianites. The fact that Israel joined himself unto Baalpeor means that the people of Israel joined in the idolatrous practices in worshipping this false god.

In Numbers 25:6 what happens to the Midianitish woman. Was she slain? The Midianitish woman whose name was Cozbi  was killed. In the midst of revival one people boldly brought in his heathen lover and the priest Phinehas killed them both. It was the heathen women who helped to seduce some of the Israelites to worship false gods.

In Numbers 25: 9 what plague killed 24,000 people? God sent some sort of a plague to kill those who were worshipping idols and so He killed 24,000.

In Numbers 26 who are all of the families named and why? After the plague, God told Moses to number the men that were 20 years old and older, who were able to go to war, obviously those who survived the plague. The families named were those of each tribe and their dependents.

In Numbers 27 the daughters of Zelophehad spoke up and got their inheritance of their father because he had no sons. Yes, since there were no males, the women asked for and received the inheritance of their father.

In Numbers 28:4 & 8 does “even” mean evening? Yes, it does.

In Numbers 28:14 why did they give wine to a bullock, a ram and a lamb? The wine was part of the sacrifice. It is possible that the wine was poured onto the sacrificial animal while it was being burned.

Numbers 28 this chapter is all about atonements and sabbaths and offerings. Yes, this chapter is about the laws concerning the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sacrifices.

In Numbers 29:1 what is a convocation? A convocation is an assembly of people for a particular purpose.

Numbers 29 if is all about the feasts and how to do them. Yes, this chapter instructs about the feast of trumpets, the feast of atonement, the feast of tabernacles, and the sacrifices for each one.

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