Numbers 16-22 Questions and Answers

Bible Questions and Answers on Numbers chapters 16-22

Questions and Answers on Numbers 16-22In Numbers 16: 1-4 Why did they rise up against Moses and Aaron? These guys were accusing Moses and Aaron that they had placed themselves in a holy and exalted position. Their argument was that everyone one in the congregation were all equally holy and all should have had the same rights as did Moses and Aaron. They were wrong because God had specifically chosen Moses and Aaron to do this job.

In Numbers 16:17 What is a censer? A censer is a container in which incense is burned.

In Numbers 16 a lot of people died. Yes, there were Korah, Dathan, Abiram, all of their families and 250 others that followed them and offered incense to the LORD.

In Numbers 17:2 what is a rod and why did they have to put their name on it? A rod was a stick of wood, like a walking stick. God was going to show all the congregation who He chose to serve Him as priests. Since they all probably looked similar, God told Moses to have each man, one from each of the tribes of Israel, put their name on it and the rod that God caused to blossom and produce buds, the man that owned that rod was the one chosen by God to serve Him in the tabernacle. So it is no surprise that it was Aaron’s rod that produced buds, blossoms and almonds.

In Numbers 18:1 what does it mean “thou shall bear the iniquity of your priesthood”? The priests were held responsible for carrying out their duties in the way that God commanded. If they did not, they would be punished.

In Numbers 18:2 what is “the tabernacle of witness”? This is referring to the most holy place of the tabernacle, where God dwelt on the mercy seat.

There had been wrath upon Israel. But Numbers 18:5 said there be no wrath anymore upon the children of Israel? What does this mean? The wrath referred to in this verse in when Korah and those with him were destroyed by God because they wanted to serve in the tabernacle. God was saying in this verse that only those of the tribe of Levi were to serve Him and so prevent God’s wrath from coming again.

In Numbers 18:7 are they talking about a stranger going into the tabernacle? The stranger was anyone who was not of the family of Aaron and thus not of the priestly tribe of Levi.

In Numbers 18: 24 what does “tithes” mean? Tithes was 10 percent of their goods including fruits of the harvest.

In Numbers 19:7 why would the priest be unclean even after he washed his clothes and his body with water? While he was hygienically clean, he was still ceremonially unclean until the evening of that day.

In Numbers 20:16 where is Kadesh? Kadesh was a city in the region of Syria.

Where is Edom? In Moses’ day, Edom was on the border of ancient Israel, in what is now southwestern Jordan between the Dead Sea and that Gulf of Aqaba.

How old was Aaron when he died? Jewish tradition says that Aaron was 123 years old when he died on Mount Hor.

In Numbers 21:10 where is Oboth? The exact site of Oboth is unknown but it was mostly likely south of the Dead Sea, perhaps on the boundary between Moab and Edom.

In Numbers 21:11 where is Ijeabarim and Moab? Ijeabarim was on the southeast side of Moab and Moab was on the east side of the Dead Sea.

In Numbers 21:12 where is Zared? This was a valley that probably was connected to the southeast corner of the Dead Sea.

In Numbers 21 the land that they possessed was that the land God promised? No, they did not enter the Promised Land until after Moses died and Joshua became their leader.

In Numbers 22 Balaam did not want to listen to God or the Angel of God. No, he did not. God sent His message to this disobedient prophet via an angel and Balaam did not want to listen.

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