Nehemiah Questions and Answers

Book of Nehemiah Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on the book of NehemiahThe book of Nehemiah records the account of the Jews as they rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.

Who was Nehemiah? He was the governor of Persian Judah under Artaxerxes. He was the cup bearer to Artaxerxes, king of Persia. He obtained permission from king Artaxerxes to return to Jerusalem to build up the temple wall. He may have been an eunuch.

Was Nisan a Jew? Nisan was the name of the first month of the Jewish calendar.

I did not realize that Jerusalem was in bad shape. After the Jews were taken captive, the city was looted, burned and almost destroyed.

What do they mean by “put not their necks to the work of their Lord.” Here the word is Lord which means Master. These people die not work for God Who was their Master. The words “put not their necks to the work” simple means they did not work with the others in rebuilding Jerusalem’s’ wall.

What are habergeons? A habergeon was a short sleeveless jacket of mail/armor. These guys (and some gals too!) worked rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall clothed in armor to protect against enemy attacks.

What is dearth? Dearth – a scarcity or lack of something.

Did the Jews in Nehemiah Chapter 5 put their children in bondage? They were so desperate for money that some of them gave their children up to be servants.

The person who built the wall was not a Jew. No, Nehemiah was credited with organizing the building of the wall of Jerusalem and he was a Jew. He was concerned for his people and his city.

How did they have genealogy back then? The ancient people kept very good and detailed records. Being a Jew was very special and so detailed family recodes were kept. They did not use computers but they had ways of writing books, business transactions, history etc.

The priests were allowed to have wives? Yes, these men were all of the tribe of Levi and they were supposed to get married, have children and their sons would usually be a priest like his dad.

Why do the people raise their hands in Nehemiah 8:6? This was part of their worship. This verse is similar: Lamentations 3:41 Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens.

What are booths? Booths were temporary dwellings made of boughs or other not sturdy materials.

What kind of tree is myrtle that is mentioned in Nehemiah 8:15? Here is a definition: A beautiful and fragrant evergreen tree. The leaves are of a rich and polished green; the flowers white, with sometimes a tinge of red, its berries are of the size of a small pea, violet or whitish and it has a sweet scent.

Why did they bring the firstborn to the altar in Nehemiah 10:36? The law of God given to Moses had them redeem their firstborn according to Numbers 18: 15. They offered a sacrifice to the LORD at the birth of the firstborn, to redeem the new baby. So they brought their new baby to the house of God.

What did they mean bring one of ten to dwell in Jerusalem? Out of ten men, one was chosen by casting lots or “drawing straws” to live in Jerusalem. The other nine men were to live in other cities.

Who is the king in the book of Nehemiah? At this time in history there was no king in Israel.

What are psalteries? This is a musical instrument, supposed to have been a kind of lyre, or a harp with twelve strings.

Why is it that only certain people sang? I THINK that this is referring to a sort of choir.

What does it mean that the Ammonite and the Moabite should not come into the congregation of God forever? I am not sure what exactly is “the congregation of God”. Anyone who believed in the God of Israel and worshiped Him as the one true God, was accepted as an Israelite even if they were foreign. Ruth was a Moabite and she married an Israelite man, Boaz and she was in the direct line of Jesus Christ.

What did Tobiah do wrong in Nehemiah 13:7-9? Tobiah was an Ammonite and he was not to come into the congregation of God. He was trying to live in a place that was off limits to him, he was trespassing in the courts of the house of God. Also he was one of the many who gave Nehemiah a hard time when Nehemiah started to build the wall, see Nehemiah 4:3.

What are strange wives? Strange wives were wives who did not worship God. They most likely were foreign women who worshiped their false gods while they were married to Israelite men.

Is this where if the mother is not a Jew the children are not Jewish? Maybe, but I don’t think so. I THINK from what I read was this definition of Jewish children came much later when Romans were in control of Jerusalem and raped Jewish women. The Jewish women had children not knowing sometimes who exactly the father was. So a child is considered to be a Jewish if its mother is Jewish no matter who its father is.

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