Nahum and Habakkuk Questions and Answers

Questions on Nahum  Questions & Answers on Nahum and Habakkuk.

Nahum and Habakkuk were both prophets of God. Both the books of Nahum and Habakkuk have only three chapters. In both of them destruction because of disobedience to God is foretold.

What does “acquit the wicked” mean in Nahum 1:3? This means saying that the wicked are innocent.

Does God stop doing things to His people that do not listen to Him in Nahum 1? He will stop blessing His people who do not listen to Him. If you really sin bad against Him He will bring chastisement to you.

In Nahum 2:1-5, it sounds like a chariot race. This is a prophecy to Nineveh to prepare for the approach of her enemies. God is going to destroy Nineveh because they did not repent this time.

What are they talking about in Nahum 2:6-13?

Vs 6 – When the Medians came to conquer Nineveh, the river flooded the city and the invaders came through the river gates.

Vs 7 – Huzzab is a reference to the city of Nineveh.

Vs 8 – Although Nineveh was a prosperous city now it will be overthrown.

Vs 9 – God commands the invader to take the spoil of Nineveh.

Vs 10 – Nineveh was totally destroyed and any people left were homeless and destroyed.

Vs 11&12 – The men of Nineveh was compared to ferocious and cruel men like lions.

Vs 13 – God will totally destroy Nineveh.

What city are they talking about in Nahum 3:1? Nineveh

What abominable filth are they talking about in Nahum 3:6? It may have been sewage.

Questions on Habakkuk

What was Habakkuk crying about in Habakkuk 1:2? There is no fairness or brotherly love among the Jews, rather only an abundance of wickedness.

In Habakkuk 1:12 are they talking about God? Yes

What tower are they talking about in Habakkuk 2:1? The Old Testament prophets were portrayed as watchmen. Watchmen stood on a tower overlooking the city. This is a figurative tower.

What do they mean “He may run that readth it” in Habakkuk 2:2? Those who are attentive to God’s words will be able to run for his life.

What do they mean “Behold his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him, but the just shall live by faith” in Habakkuk 2:4? The person who is proud and thinks that he does not need God is not “upright” but those that trust in God will live by faith, trusting in God’s goodness.

In Habakkuk 2 God does not want you to “build a town with blood and stablish a city of iniquity”. How do you build a city of blood? This refers to building a city with much bloodshed and murder employed in order to build it.

If God came from Teman, who was the Holy One in Habakkuk 3:3? The Holy One is another name for God and this verse references the giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai. Teman and Paran are both places near Mt. Sinai.

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