Leviticus Chapters 22-27 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Leviticus chapters 22-27Questions & Answers on Leviticus Chapters 22-27

  1. In Leviticus 22:1-8 the priests became clean by nightfall? If a priest became “unclean”, he had to wash himself and then by the evening he was “clean”.
  2. In Leviticus 23:2 What does “convocations” mean? A convocation is a large formal gathering of people for a specific purpose.
  3. In Leviticus 23: 1-8 do the Jews today still observe these feasts?  Some of the orthodox Jews do try to observe these feasts and holy days.
  4. In Leviticus 23: 10 what does “sheaf” mean? A sheaf is a bundle of grain stalks that are laid lengthwise and then tied together.
  5. In Leviticus 23: 14 what is parched corn and green ears? Parched corn is dried corn and green ears refers to the fresh, raw and even sometimes immature corn ears.
  6. Do the Jews have to bring a new meat offering every 50 days in Leviticus 23:16? This was once a year occurrence. The new meat offering was offered 50 days after the Passover.
  7. In Leviticus 23:17 what does “habitations” mean? Habitations simply meant where they lived, their homes or dwelling places.
  8. In Leviticus 24:5 what des two tenth deals mean? This was a measure of dry ingredients. Approximately this is about 18 ½ cups.
  9. In Leviticus 24:7 there is not pure frankincense? Yes, frankincense can be contaminated.
  10. The Bible keeps referring to Aaron and his sons, but both of his sons died. Aaron had four sons: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. Only Nadab and Abihu died. The word “sons” also has the meaning of his grandsons and great grandsons, i.e. his descendants.
  11. In Leviticus 25 part of it tells the Jews that they are to sow the land for 6 years and the 7th year they were to let the land rest. Yes, the land itself needed a period of rest.
  12. In Leviticus 25, what is a jubilee? The year of jubilee was the year after the seven cycles of sabbath years or 49 years. The year of jubilee means that slaves would freed, and debts would be forgiven among other good things.
  13. In Leviticus 26:12 God would walk among His people? Yes, God is promising His presence among His people. He was in the tabernacle and He guided them with the cloud and pillar of fire.
  14. In Leviticus 27 why are they putting a price on people?

This was pertaining the vows that some chose to make to the LORD. The value in this passage seems to be the price that would have to be paid in order to redeem or release the people from the vow that they vowed to the LORD. The price seems to be their “market value”, what the person would bring if they were sold as a slave in the market.

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