Leviticus Chapters 8-14 Questions and Answers

Continue Your Bible Study with Questions and Answers on Leviticus 8-14

Questions and answers on Leviticus 22-27In Leviticus 8:23 why did Moses put blood on the tips of Aaron and his sons, upon the thumbs of their right hands and upon the great toes of their right feet? The blood of the ram was placed on their ears, their thumbs and their toes. The placing of the blood on these places of the priests was symbolic way of saying that their ears, their hands and their feet should all be used in the service of God. They could not serve God properly without this sacrificial blood being applied to their bodies. This is symbolic because no one can serve God properly without first have the blood of His Son applied to their hearts.

In Leviticus 9:1-4 why all of the offerings? They had to prepare themselves to see the glory of the LORD as recorded in verses 23 and 24.

In Leviticus 10:1 why did they offer strange fire? I am not sure what prompted their actions. They just saw the glory of the LORD when fire came down from heaven and whether they got excited and wanted to join in the festivities or what, I am not sure. No matter what they were self willed and reckless and their actions (and fire) were totally unacceptable to God.

Leviticus 11 told the people what they could and could not eat. Yes, this chapter instructs on the clean and unclean animals.

In Leviticus 12 why was a woman unclean after giving birth? After birth the woman had an issue of blood, just like her menstrual period. Therefore she was considered unclean.

In Leviticus 13:13 why would the person who was covered in white scabs be called clean? When the entire body was white, it was proof that the disease was leaving the body, the body was detoxing, and the disease was being forced out of the body through the skin. The white scabs would soon slough off.

In Leviticus 13 they talked about sores and the priest had final decision as what to do. Yes, the priests had to determine if your sores were or were not leprosy. Leprosy is a very contagious disease and it was up to the priest to protect the rest of the people from those with leprosy.

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