Lamentations – Questions and Answers

 Questions and answers on the book of Lamentations.Lamentations Questions and Answers

The book of Lamentations is actually a poem written by Jeremiah. There are five chapters and the first 4 chapters are an acrostic. The verses in the chapters all begin with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The whole Hebrew alphabet is repeated three times in the third chapter.

It has been observed that the structure of this poetic book was chosen so as to give the author tight format because he was so overwhelmed with grief that he had to discipline himself  so as to to be carried away with his intense grief that he was writing about. Yet in this wonderful book is the clear promise of restoration.

What does the number 22 mean and 66? Chapters one and two are the same: there are sixty-six lines and each verse begins with a letter of the alphabet. There are still sixty-six lines, but each line begins with a letter of the alphabet.

What does “tributary” mean in Lamentations 1:1? Tributary- a burden, a tax in the form of forced labor.

The Jews are still not behaving in Lamentations 1. The city is being destroyed, and the people were killed by the

Why do they keep talking in the first 2 chapters about their bowels? The bowels, the intestines are more than for digestion. This is a part of the body associated with the emotions of grief.

Were Gentiles in Jerusalem? Yes, the conquers of Jerusalem, the Babylonians, were Gentiles.

Lamentations 3 is all about what God took away from Jeremiah? Not only is Chapter 3 of Lamentations all about what God took away from Jeremiah, it is also about His blessings and a cry for vengeance against his enemies.

The first 22 verses of Lamentations 3 e about all the bad things happening to Jeremiah. Yes, these bad things are all because of the Jews idolatry. He was upset because of the captivity.

The second 22 verses of Lamentations 3 are about God’s good things that He can do for you. Yes, Jeremiah knew that despite all of the terrible things he had to trust in God’s goodness.

What does “trickleth” mean in Lamentations 3:49? Trickle – a small flow of liquid.

The last 22 verses of Lamentations 3 talk about the people who have turned their backs on God. Yes, the prophet Jeremiah encourages the people to examine thermoses and repent, asking them to look to God for both pardon for their sins and vengeance for their enemies.

What does “Nazarites” mean in Lamentations 4:7? This is a term for “nobles” – persons of rank and distinction.

Did they have coal back then? Yes, coal was used in Bible times.

What does “sodden” mean in Lamentations 4:10? Sodden – soaked with liquid. I think this means that they boiled and ate their children.

Finished with Lamentations? Continue with Ezekiel 1-9.


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