Joshua Chapters 9-15 – Questions and Answers

Joshua Chapters 9-15 – Questions and AnswersJoshua Chapters 9-15 Questions and Answers

In Joshua 9:7 What does “peradventure” mean? Peradventure is an old term for “perhaps”.

In Joshua 9:11 Does “victuals” mean food? Yes, it is where we get our word “vittles” from.

In Joshua 10:11 The stones that came down from heaven, were they real stones or something else? These were hailstones.

In Joshua 10 is the cave still closed up now? No, in verse 22, it says that Joshua told them to open the cave and kill the kings.

They killed a lot of people to get the land that God gave them. Yes, God told them to utterly destroy all of the inhabitants of the land.

In Joshua 11:6 What does “hough” mean? To hough a horse was to cut its hamstring making it unable to run but still usable as a service animal. They handicapped the horses.

In Joshua 12 there were still a lot of kings left. No, in verse 1 it says, “Now these are the kings of the land, which the children of Israel smote, and possessed their land…” This was a record of the kingdoms that the children of Israel conquered. They killed their kings and the inhabitants of the land and took their land.

In Joshua 15 how much land was there? I did not count the people, but it was a lot. The children of Israel did not occupy all the land under Joshua. It wasn’t until about 500 years later, under King Solomon that they possessed most if not all the land that God promised to them.

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