Joshua Chapters 1-8 – Questions and Answers

Joshua Chapters 1-8 – Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Joshua 1-8In Joshua 1 and other places in the Bible “be strong and of good courage”. The phrase, “Be strong and or good courage” is repeated 9 times in the Bible, all in the Old Testament. It is recorded that Moses told this to Joshua at least three times and then the LORD said the same words twice to Joshua after Moses died. Then the children of Israel told Joshua that they would obey him, and they encouraged him again to be strong and of a good courage. Joshua uses that phrase when he tells the children of Israel about destroying their enemies. Then David repeats this phrase twice to his son Solomon in the context of David preparing to die and Solomon preparing to build the temple of the LORD.

In Joshua 2 the harlot Rahab hid the spies and they made an agreement with her that she and her family would be spared. Yes, she kept the spies alive and they made an agreement that she and all her house would be spared.

In Joshua 3 did the waters of the Jordan River part so that the ark of the covenant did not get wet? The Jordan River was so deep that it was impossible to cross. So it was more than just the Ark of the Covenant, the people could not cross unaided.

In Joshua 5:2 why were the men circumcised for the second time? These were uncircumcised men except for Joshua and Caleb. All the others that lived during Moses’ time who were circumcised had died and the rite of circumcision had not been observed for the last 40 years. So before they were to enter the Promised Land, they were reminded again of God’s laws and His promises and circumcision was a sign between Him and the Jewish people.

Joshua what does it mean that in the city of Jericho “none went out, and none came in”? The inhabitants of Jericho were afraid of the children of Israel. So none of the people left the city and no one from the outside were allowed into the city.

In Joshua 6, they took Rahab and her partners out of the city. Did she turn her life around? It was Rahab and her family that were spared, not necessarily her customers unless they believed and were in her house. Yes, she became one of the ancestors of Jesus Christ.

In Joshua 7 the children of Israel sinned against God again. It was only the individual Achan. But his sin affected the entire congregation. He took of the spoils of Jericho which was prohibited by God.

In Joshua 8 with the LORD’s help they defeated their enemies. Yes, after they got right with God, and they put the sin and the sinner away. Then God helped them and fought their battles for them. It was God’s will that all these heathen nations be destroyed and that His people would dwell in the land.

Finished with Joshua Chapters 1-8? Continue in the book of Joshua with Joshua chapters 9-15.

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