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Dinosaurs in Job 29-42

The chapters of Job 29-42 include interesting chapters in the Bible when Jehovah speaks to Job, He talks so much about the wonders of the natural world and describes two types of dinosaurs. Theses chapters in Job 29-42 conclude the book of Job with a very satisfying ending.

Do rocks pour out “rivers of oil”? My first thought is no – this is a metaphor, but it could also refer to fossil fuels.

What does “derision” mean? Derision – means “contemptuous ridicule or mockery”.

What are “sinews”? Sinews – a piece of tough fibrous tissue uniting muscle to bone or bone to bone; a tendon or ligament

In Chapter 30 Job still does not put God down. No, he does not.

Did a lot of people have their own tabernacles? Job was written before the tabernacle of Moses’ day was built. In Job the word “tabernacle” simply means “dwelling place” it can also refer to one’s body since out of the body is the dwelling place of the soul.

In Chapter 31 was Job asking God if He did the bad things he was saying in the chapter? No, Job was telling God how righteous he lived as that because of his righteousness, he did not deserve all of these problems.

The pit Job talked about in chapter 33, is it hell? I think so.

In Chapter 33 was Job praying? No, in chapter 33, Elihu was speaking.

Was Elihu he saying that God should do bad in Job 34:10? No, he is saying that it is impossible for God to do wickedly.

What does Job 34:30 mean? Elihu is pointing out that God is in control of the leaders of the nations even to prevent a hypocrite from reigning.

What does “chastisement” mean? The meaning of chastisement is a severe criticism; a rebuke or strong reprimand.

Who was Elihu? He was a young man who was silent for most of the book of Job but after listening to Job’s three friends, he speaks for five chapters of Job (chapters 32-37) and he is very confident of his own analysis of Job’s situation. It is interesting to note that in Job 42:7 that God tells Job that He is angry with Job’s three friends but He never seems to be angry with Elihu’s words.

What does Elihu mean in Job 34:35-37 about Job? Elihu is scolding Job because Job is complaining against God. Elilu says that God is in control and He as a reason for afflict Job and that Job should not complain.

In Job 35:2 is Elihu saying his righteousness is more than God’s? Here Elihu is accusing Job of thinking that he (Job) is more righteous than God.

In chapter 36, was Elihu saying that God will take care of people that follow him and punish people that do not follow him? The short answer is yes. But God does show mercy.
What does trembleth mean? It means the same thing in modern English, to tremble (quiver, shake; i.e., in fear).

Did they have snow back then Job 37:6? Yes, they did. Though in that region of the world the snow would be more seen in higher elevations, such as on mountain tops (i.e., Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is an example).

What means “the face of the world in the earth?” Here Elihu is talking about clouds in Job 37:12. Remember, go back to the preceding verse, 37:11, and you will see that he is talking about God commanding the clouds to do His will in the world and they obey Him.

What does it mean, “the sons of God shouted for joy?” These sons of God are referring to angels. Angels were created on the first day of creation (Let there be light, i.e., Lucifer means “light bearer”). However, the planets and stars were not created until the fourth day of creation. This makes sense that the angels would shout for joy since they saw this act of God.
I don’t understand chapter 38. Chapter 38 is God telling Job that He created nature. In other words, God does not give Job the answer as to why he suffered, but rather, He tells Job about the things He has done and can do because He is God and sovereign, and is not answerable to man as to why He allows certain things to happen in this world.
Did they have unicorns back then? Some scholars believe that the unicorns mentioned in the Bible were actually a wild ox, but sometimes, scholars may do this to dismiss the possibility of a now-extinct animal that seems to only exist in mythology (i.e., a horse with a single horn coming out of the top of its head). However, whether it was a horse or an ox with a single horn, the Bible does declare its existence in history.

Was God talking in chapter 39? Yes, from chapters 38 to 41 God pretty much does all the speaking to Job.

Job and God have a pretty nice talk in Job chapter 41. Yes they do. God is telling Job about a certain animal that is both great and fierce (my estimation, sounds like a sea dinosaur). This is still part of God’s speech to Job on the greatness of his power. However, you might be referring to chapter 42, where Job basically repents, God rebukes the three friends, and then God gives Job twice as much as he had before.

Explain Job chapter 41. God is telling Job about Leviathan, a rather fierce looking sea monster. In chapter 40, God tells Job about Behemoth, a rather fierce looking land monster. The description of both can lead one to the conclusion that both are dinosaurs. Nothing else really fits. Job Chapter 41 is one of my very favorites. Leviathan is a fire breathing brontosaurus- like dinosaur which is now extinct.

The Lord did not bring all the bad on Job, the devil did it. Yes, the devil (Satan) did, but God allowed it. Also, the devil was only allowed to do to Job what God allowed, and no more; Job was God’s child. If the devil would have done what he wanted to Job and didn’t need God’s permission, there would not be a Book of Job since Job would have been killed. God does allow his children to be tested, both for the child’s betterment, and God’s glory.

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