Job 15-28 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Job 15-21Job 15-28 Questions and Answers

In Job 15-28 Job’s three friends still try to convince him that his suffering is because God is punishing him for some sin.

What do they mean “fill his belly with the east wind” in Job 15:2? This is a metaphor for a torrent of destructive words which are without any real profit.

What is “thick bosses of his bucklers”? This is a reference to some type of strong armor.

What do they mean in Job 15:25-27? These verses Eliphaz the Temanite is referring to a wicked and rich man who does not acknowledge God but rather oppresses those he rules over. He tries to attack God but he is so fat from his excess of food that he cannot defend himself against God. Callops are thick fatty lumps. He is using this illustration to make the point that Job when he was rich and healthy forgot God Who gave him all of his good things and now God is punishing Job.
What does it mean “My lips should assuage your grief” in Job 16:5? Job is saying that he would comfort his friends in their grief.
What do they mean “His archers compass me round about” in Job 16:13? This is a metaphor taken from hunters, they surround the animal Job says that he feels that he is surrounded by wicked people who God sent to hurt Job.

What is “tabret” in Job 17:6? A tabret was a small musical instrument similar to today’s tambourine.

What do they mean “gin” in Job 18:9? This is a snare used for catching animals.

In Job 19 Job still held God very high. Yes, Job never cursed God with his mouth.

What does Job 20:14 mean? Zophar is saying that Job is both wicked and a hypocrite and as such he delighted in sin but now the consequences of that sin is hurting him just like the poison of an asp – a deadly snake.

In chapter 21 Job was talking and he still did not condemn God. You are right, he did not.What does Job 22:9 mean? Eliphaz the Temanite is accusing Job of not only refusing to help the widows but also oppressing the fatherless.

Questions and Answers on Job 22-28.


In Chapter 23, Job still did not condemn God. No he does not.

Is the word “light” in Job 24:13 reference to the Word of God? The Word of God can be an application. Many times in Scripture “light” means “truth” and there is no greater truth than the Scriptures.

In Job chapter 24 are they talking about sinners? Yes, specifically “they that know him (God) not”.

Why are they talking about a worm in Job chapter 25:6? The worm reference is used because man (humans) is both corrupt and weak.

In Chapter 26 was Job saying that he should talk to sinners about God? In chapter 26 Job is replying to Bildad and saying that Bildad’s discourse did not comfort him. Job goes on to say that God’s power and wisdom is unsearchable by mere humans.

What was Job saying in chapter 27? Job starts out says that he is a righteous man and he intends to maintain his integrity in verses 2-6. He says in verses 7-10 that his friends charging him with hypocrisy is dreadful to him. In verses 11-23 he says that wicked people even though they may live long lives, God will both curse them and their families.

Did Job mean in Chapter 28, if you had all the riches in the world you still had nothing if you did not live by God’s words? This chapter is possibly the most difficult to understand chapter of Job. Job is saying that although man knows much about the natural world, God alone is the Source and Teacher of true wisdom.

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