Job 1-14 Questions and Answers

Questions & Answer on Job 1-14Questions and Answers on the Book of Job Chapters 1-14

One of the things that makes the book of Job interesting is it shows that God sometimes allows bad things to happen to good people.

What is eschewed? Eschewed means to deliberately avoid using, to abstain from.

What do they mean “sons of God” in Job 1:6? This is a reference to angels, both good angels and fallen angels.

Did the Lord tell Satan he could do anything to Job but take his life? Yes, God gave Satan permission to do any type of torture to Job but to leave his life intact.

What did he mean about the knees in Job 3:12? I don’t know what he meant specifically. All I know is that he is bemoaning that he was allowed to be born and wished that he could have somehow died at birth.

In Job chapter 5 there was a famine. Was it just his land or the whole country? Eliphaz is talking about famine in general, not a specific famine.

What is fodder? Fodder is a general term for animal food.

In chapter 6 was he talking about God? Yes, he knows that God is in control of everything, of all nature and of all that is happening to him.

In Job 7:5 did he have worms? Yes, it seems that the worms were crawling on him.

In chapter 8 is Job talking? No, in Job chapter 8, Bildad the Shuhite is speaking.

What is a daysman betwixt? A daysman is an arbitrator to judge between him and God. What Job is really asking for is someone like Jesus, God in human in human flesh to bring his cause to God Himself.
In chapter 10 is Job praying to God? Yes, he is forming what he would like to say to God.
Are they saying in Chapter 11 that you should not be friends with sinners? No, it is just that there are many wicked people in the world.

In chapter 12 Job was saying that God can take away things and give them back 10 fold? No, I couldn’t find this.

What does it mean, “will ye contend for God?” Job is asking sarcastically if any dare to try to quarrel with God and to change his mind so that a mere human like Job can be gratified.

In Chapter 13 Job will not condemn God. Job is saying that he does not want God to condemn him.

What do they mean give up the ghost? This means simply to die.

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