Jeremiah 9-15 Questions and Answers

Questions and answers on Jeremiah 9-15

Jeremiah 9-15

Jeremiah 9-15 continues with the prophecies against the people of Israel since they have rejected God. Their sinful practices breaks the heart of the Godly prophet.

Is this the same daughter in Jeremiah 9:1 as he was talking about in Jeremiah 8? Yes, still the nation of Israel.

The people in Jeremiah 9:1-6 did not know God. They rejected God.

What is “wormwood and gall to drink”? Both are very bitter liquids, so bitter that you cannot drink them. If all you had to drink was wormwood and gall you would die of dehydration.

What does the LORD want to punish all them which are circumcised with the circumcised? The circumcised refers to the men of Israel. The uncircumcised are the heathen who do not know God. The Bible says in Psalm 17:13, “Deliver my soul from the wicked, which is thy sword.”

Who is talking in Jeremiah 10:5 that you cannot do evil and they cannot do good? This referring to false idols. They cannot do anything.

What does “brutish” mean in Jeremiah 10:8 Resembling that of a brute, not human, but rather animal-like.

The places Tarshish and Uphaz, are they places today in Jeremiah 10:9? Tarshish is currently the name of a village in Mount Lebanon District in Lebanon, but I don’t think that this is the Trashish mentioned here. Uphaz is gone.

Is God talking in Jeremiah 10:19 because He is so hurt that His people are turning their back on Him? He is broken hearted. This is the LORD speaking.

The first half of Jeremiah 11 deals with the way the people backslid from God after leaving Egypt. The last half of Jeremiah 11 is about trying to have the people to come back to God. Anathoth is where Jeremiah lived. Those that wanted Jeremiah dead because of his preaching would God destroy.

Is Jeremiah talking in Jeremiah 12:1?

What are they talking about in Jeremiah 12:7? “My house”- God’s temple; “my heritage”– the whole nation of Israel;”the dearly beloved – His people. Because they rejected Him He allowed their enemies to have them.

In Jeremiah 12:8 He hated what He had? He hated them because they did the most open acts of iniquity against Him.

How did many pastors destroy his vineyard in Jeremiah 12:10? The word “pastors” here means shepherds or even gardeners, keepers of the vineyard. God is referring to the destruction of Jerusalem (His vineyard that He cultivated and took care of) by the Babylonians.

What does “desolate” mean in Jeremiah 12:11? Desolate – depressingly empty and bare.

People in Jeremiah 12:13 are disobeying God. Actually this verse says that all of their projects will fail. They are enemies of God and will not have His blessing.

In Jeremiah 12:15 after God will have plucked them out and then He will have compassion on them. Yes, after He has chastised them for their sins against Him, He will have compassion on them.

What does “diligently” mean in Jeremiah 12:16? Diligently – done or pursued with persevering attention; painstaking.

If God would destroy people in Jeremiah 12:17 if they did not obey Him then, why doesn’t He destroy people today if they don’t obey Him? He does destroy people today. 1Cor 11:30 “For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.” Plus God is VERY longsuffering.

Is Jeremiah speaking in Jeremiah 13:1?

In Jeremiah 13:2-7 why did God tell Jeremiah to hide his girdle in the rock then dig it back up and then it was too marred. What does it mean? This was an object lesson to the people of Israel. A girdle wraps around a person. God wanted His people to “wrap around” Him for a name, a praise and a glory. But His people rejected Him to serve and worship other So He calls them an evil people who like the girdle are good for nothing.

We are not to have pride against God. Yes, God created us so we have no reason to be prideful against God.

If you have pride you are good for nothing. Basically, yes, all you need is to repent of your pride.

What bottles are they talking about? God is just talking about the bottles the Jews used to store liquids in.

All those sit upon David’s throne and the priests and prophets and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem with drunkenness. Yes, they will be filled the with the wine of God’s wrath until they are drunken with the wrath of God because He is so angry with them.

God will destroy without pity in Jeremiah 13:14. All of the people will be like earthen pots, being dashed against each other and will break. He will not have pity because they refuse to repent.

In Jeremiah 13:23 you can do good things but still do bad. No, just as a person cannot change his or her skin color, God is saying that His people’s wickedness is so great that they cannot do good.

What dearth are they talking about in Jeremiah 14:1. This is a drought, a lack of rain.

Was there a drought in Jeremiah 14:3-4? Yes, lack of rain was a judgment of God.

There was famine in Jeremiah 14. The crops failed because of the lack of rain.

Did the people of Jeremiah 14 then back to God? No, God even forbids Jeremiah to plead for the pole but Jeremiah cannot help but intercede for them to God.

Please explain chapter 15. It starts about Moses and Samuel ending that God will deliver Thee “out of the hand of the terrible” (verse 21). God is saying to Jeremiah that not even the great men of old such as Moses and Samuel who had power with God could not divert Him from punishing His people who were so wicked. In verses 2-9 God tells about their coming captivity in several terrible images and Jeremiah complains that he has to deliver this message to these people. God reproves him for his complaining. And then he asks God for pardon him for what he said. God promises Jeremiah to protect him as Jeremiah faithfully tells the pole the bad news of their disobedience to Him.

Finished with Jeremiah 9-15? Continue with Jeremiah 16 – 27.

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