Jeremiah 16-27 Questions and Answers

Jeremiah 16-27

Jeremiah 16-27 Questions and Answers

Jeremiah 16 -27 begins with God telling Jeremiah that he will not have either a wife or a family as a sign to the children of Israel because of the soon judgement that God will bring on His people.

Why was God saying not to take a wife and not have sons and daughters in Jeremiah 16:1-3? The affliction that God will bring to Jerusalem is so terrible that He does not what Jeremiah to have a family there because that would just add to his grief at such a terrible time.

What land was God talking about? The land of Israel.

What does “bemoan” mean in Jeremiah 16:5? Bemoan means to express grief or distress

What does “lament” mean in Jeremiah 16:6? Lament – a passionate expression of grief or sorrow; mourn.

When His chosen people come back to Him are they still in Israel? Yes, they will return to their native land of Israel.

Is Judah a town? No, Judah was the name of the southern part of Israel.

Is the fire that God is talking in Jeremiah 17:4 still burning? The fire that God is talking about is His wrath on his people because of their sins and idolatry. He is still angry with them unless they repent individually, so the answer is “yes”.

The first half of Jeremiah 17 was about how God’s people left Him. The second half was about some of the people come back to God. Yes, those that wanted to worship idols had fatal consequences, but those that true in God are happy. Only God knows the wickedness of man’s heart. Jeremiah prays the evil intended by his enemies would come back to them and the chapter ends with a prophecy related to the observing of the Sabbath because the Jews were not doing this custom.

What is a potter? A potter is a person who makes pottery.

The people in Jeremiah 18 did not turn back to God. No, even when God told them what He was going to do to punish them, they did not turn back to Him.

In Jeremiah 19:5 they burnt their sons to Baal? Yes, they gave their firstborn children as burnt offerings to false gods.

What is Tophet? This was the place where the Jews worshiped Baal and Moloch by burning their children to these idols.

Did God do what He said He was going to do in Jeremiah 19? Yes, when the Babylonians came to capture Judah.

They put Jeremiah in stocks in Jeremiah 20:2. Yes, he was being persecuted for bringing God’s message.

What does “peradventure” mean in Jeremiah 20:10? Peradventure means “perhaps”.

Who was talking that he should not have been born? Jeremiah 20:14 – this was Jeremiah talking. His message was so grievous that he cursed his life.

Who are Chaldeans in Jeremiah 21:9? These were people who lived in the areas of south of Babylon, the area of the world that would be the southern part of Iraq today.

God was very angry at His people that he will deliver them into Babylon. Yes, they rejected Him and so for a time, He will reject them.

What does “travail” mean? Travailpainful or laborious effort

Did God really turn His back on His people in Jeremiah 22? Yes He did for a time. He allowed them to go into captivity.

Was God mad at the pastors in Jeremiah 23:1-3? Yes, they did not take care of His sheep.

What prophecy was in Jeremiah 23:5? This is referring to the millennial reign of Christ.

In Jeremiah 23:23 what does He mean that He is a God at hand, not a God afar? He is close to His people, as near has their hand was to them, they don’t have to do much to get His attention.

The first half of Jeremiah 23 was that His people were come back to Him and the last half was that His people were still not with Him. Part of this chapter looks forward to the millennial reign of Christ. In verse 9 Jeremiah expresses his horror at the extreme wickedness of the priests and prophets. He tells the people not to listen to false prophets and predate the ruin that shall to come to the false prophets and on the scoffers of the true prophecy.

The other basket of figs was bad. Yes, so bad that they could not be eaten.

In Jeremiah 24:10 God sent pestilences that consumed them. Yes, He did because of their sins against Him.

Are the kings to drink poison in Jeremiah 25? The wine cup of God’s fury was a metaphor representing His wrath upon the nations.

Was God really going to kill all His people? He allowed many of them to be killed as punishment for disobeying Him, but He always saves a remnant.

In Jeremiah 26, the people still are not doing what God wants them to do. Yes, you are right.

In Jeremiah 27 it talks about not to worship the king of Babylon. No, nothing was said not to worship the king of Babylon, but rather those who were taken captive by him were to serve him.

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