Jeremiah 1-8 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Jeremiah 1-8

Book of Jeremiah – Chapters 1-8

Jeremiah 1-8 starts the book of Jeremiah. The book of Jeremiah is the second book of the major prophets.  Jeremiah was the prophet to Judah. Because of his burden seeing how the Israelites rejected God, Jeremiah is called the Weeping Prophet.

What evil will come out of the north in Jeremiah 1:14? This is a reference of Nebuchadnezzar and his army of the Babylonian empire.

God will always be stronger than bad people. Yes, because He created all of the people, even the bad people.

What does “espousal” mean in Jeremiah 2:2? Espousal – a marriage or engagement

The people of Baal, were they bad people in Jeremiah 2:8? Yes. One of their heathen practices was to sacrifice their children to their gods.

What does “isles of Chitten” mean in Jeremiah 2:10? The islands of the Mediterranean Sea, these are on the west side of Israel.

Why be afraid in Jeremiah 2:12? The conduct of the people was so bad that even the heavens were astonished. They had never seen anything so wicked.

Why did they break the crown in Jeremiah 2:16? King Josiah, the crowned head, was killed by Egyptians.

People are the same today as yesterday in going against God. Yes, they are. Man is inherently rebellious against His God.

What are they saying in Jeremiah 3:1? If a couple divorces, each one gets remarried to someone else then the two new couples divorce and the original partners get remarried to each other, this will pollute the land.

What are “whoredoms” in Jeremiah 3:1? The practice of prostitution or other promiscuous sexual activity.

What do they mean “thou hadst a whore’s forehead, thou refusedst to be ashamed.” Jeremiah 3:3? Whores are proud of their sin. They flaunt it. They will not repent.

Whose anger are they talking about in Jeremiah 3:4 & 5? God is talking about His anger. He is wondering if people are saying, “Will He (God) reserve His anger forever?”

How many whores are they talking about in Jeremiah 3? Two – Judah and Israel.

In Jeremiah 4:1 God wanted the people of Israel to stop doing bad things and start to do right. Yes, you are right.

Did God ever rain done fire on His people? No, not on His people but on the wicked and heathen He did.

What do they mean in Jeremiah 4:7 “the lion” and “destroyer of the Gentiles”? These are both references to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.

Between Jeremiah 4:9-31 who or what are they talking about? This passage is a reference to the coming destruction of Israel by Nebuchadnezzar when the Babylonians took Israel captive because they worshiped idols and God in order to chastise them allowed them to go into captivity.

What are they talking about “broad places” in Jeremiah 5:1? This refers to the market places and spacious areas of the cities where merchants and citizens met for business.

What do they mean in Jeremiah 5:8? As soon as these guys got up they wanted to chase their neighbors’ wives.

From Jeremiah 5:15-31 it is like God is going to destroy Israel. He will not destroy but allow the Babylonians to take the nation of Israel into captivity.

Who is “appeareth out of the north, and great destruction”? The Babylonians.

Who or what is Tekoa and Bethhaccerem in Jeremiah 6:1? Tekoa is a town six miles from Jerusalem, Bethhaccerem is a place in the tribe of Judah.

Who is the “daughter of Zion” in Jeremiah 6:2? This is a reference to the whole nation of Israel.

What do they mean “behold their ear is uncircumcised” in Jeremiah 6:10? This is figurative. What God is saying is that His people act like there is extra skin covering their ears so they cannot hear Him.

Who was “lying words” in Jeremiah 7:4? There were false prophets who told the Jews that the temple would protect them and could never be destroyed.

Back then people were not nice to their neighbor according to Jeremiah 7:5. Some were not. Part of loving God is loving your neighbor.

In Jeremiah 7:6-7, are they talking about Israel? God wanted His people to be nice to the stranger – the non Israelites and be king to those without a father or without a husband and not to shed innocent blood – non guilty persons including children. Killing children was part of the idol worship that God hated.

Who is the “queen of Heaven “in Jeremiah 7:18? This is a reference to Ishtar, a Babylonian and Assyrian goddess who was supposed to be the wife of Baal.

Who or what is Tophet in Jeremiah 7:31? This is place in Jerusalem where the Israelites used to worship false gods like Baal or Moloch by sacrificing their children.

In Jeremiah 7, how many times he has God’s chosen people disobeyed Him? Many times, almost daily.

What are they talking about in Jeremiah 8:1-2? The conquerors will defile your graves and spread out their remains before the host of heaven which you worshiped to see if those false gods can help them.

Are they talking about the end of time in Jeremiah 8:7? No, God is saying that the animals obey His law but His people do not.

What happens to the wise men in Jeremiah 8:9? They are considered to be wise but if they reject God’s Word, they are not wise, they are foolish.

Who is the “daughter of my people”? This is a reference to all of the nation of Israel.

What are “cockatrices” in Jeremiah 8:17? These are serpent-like creatures with a head like a rooster. I think this is an extinct animal.

Finished with Jeremiah 1-8? Continue with Jeremiah 9-15.

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