Isaiah Chapters 8-21 Questions and Answers

Isaiah Chapters 8-21

Questions and Answers on Isaiah 8-21Isaiah 8-21 continues the prophecies of Isaiah. Many times in the Bible, prophecies have double meanings, the prophecy may have been partly fulfilled already but part of the prophecy has yet to come to pass. Isaiah 8-21, like the rest of the book of Isaiah can be difficult to understand but I hope that these questions and answers help you to appreciate this particular book of the Bible.

What is Mahershalalhashbaz? This was the name of Isaiah’s son. This name is prophetic of the speedy spoiling of Syria and Israel.

The light they are talking about in Isaiah 9:2 is it the Word of God? Yes, specifically the coming of Christ, see John 1:1.

What do they mean in Isaiah 9:7“Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end…” ? This means that Christ’s peaceful rule will never quite end. I think this is a reference looking forward to the new heaven and new earth.

What does it mean, “head and tail, branch and rush” in Isaiah 9:14?  This mean that God will destroy both the elite and the poor people because none of them obey Him.

In Isaiah 10:4 Isaiah they are still disobeying God, but He still stretched out his hand. God’s hand is stretched out in anger and in judgment. Even though He brought so much terrible judgment on them He is not done with His righteous punishment.

What do they mean in Chapter 11:1 then shall come forth a rod of the stem of Jesse and a Branch shall grow out of his roots? This is a prophecy of Jesus Christ. He came from the line of David.

Who is the LORD talking about in Isaiah 11:2? This is a prophecy of what Jesus will be when He comes.

In Isaiah 11 sounds like they are talking the end of time. This chapter describes the millennial reign of Christ.

In Isaiah 12 they seem like they turn back to God. Isaiah chapter 12 is a song written about the millennial reign of Christ when the whole earth will honor Christ.

In Isaiah 13 they went to Babylon to destroy with the help of God. God will punish the heathen nations including the city of Babylon as His enemies. This is also partially prophetic because it describes the tribulation.

Was Lucifer the son of the morning? Yes, he is a created being, an angel.

Are the two people in Isaiah 15:1 dead? Ar and Kir are places, not people. Ar was the ancient capital of Moab on the south side of the Arnon, now it is in ruins. Kir, the modern Kerak, is a strong fortress six or eight miles south of Ar.

Moab is not a nice place to be. No, they have been an ungodly nation.

Did the LORD forgive Moab in Isaiah 16? No, because they did not repent of their idolatry.

Was Damascus in ruins back then and like it is today? Damascus was overthrown by the invasions of Tiglath-pileser (2 Kings 15:29; 16:9) and Shalmaneser (2 Kings 17:1-41) probably during the reign of King Ahaz. Damascus was wholly given to idolatry. Damascus was rebuilt and today it is the capital city of Syria and it is a modern metropolitan city.

Is Syria today as it was back then? It is in the same area of the world but the borders have changed a bit. But it is no longer a kingdom like it was in Bible times.

What do they mean in Isaiah 17:4 “shall wax lean”? The definition of “wax” in this verse means to “increase” or “enlarge”. “The fatness of his flesh shall wax lean” means that his health, this healthy full flesh, will increasingly decline.

Does the olive tree have very few berries? Olives are technically a berry. Usually olive trees bear lots of fruit – berries – but in Isaiah 17:6 the crops are failing and the olive trees have only a very few olives.

What land are they talking about in Isaiah 18:1? I THINK this is Egypt or it could be a part of Ethiopia. I don’t understand what exactly it means “land shadowing with wings”.

Are they talking about the past or the future of Egypt in Isaiah 19:5? Isaiah is a book of prophecy. This, and many other prophecies have double meanings one more closer to Isaiah’s time and the other possibly even referring to the Kingdom Age. So this could also refer to the future of Egypt.

Is Ethiopia close to Egypt? Yes, Ethiopia is south of Egypt. They are both in the eastern part of North Africa.

What is the burden of the desert of the sea?  I think that this is a reference to Babylon since Babylon was located on a great plain surround by the Euphrates water and marshes and lakes.

They are talking about Babylon falling in Isaiah 21. How many times has Babylon fallen? The original Babylon was destroyed by the Assyrians, then by the Persians. It never had an utter destruction, Alexander the Great died there. It just fell into disrepair and was eventually abandoned. This could also be a prophecy concerning the Babylon mentioned in Revelation, which is not the original city of Babylon.

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