Isaiah Chapters 36-42 Questions and Answers

Isaiah Chapters 36-42

Isaiah 36-42 continues the Bible study on the book of Isaiah. Isaiah 36-39 records events in the life of King Hezekiah. Chapter 40 is a natural break in the book of Isaiah and starts a different type of prophetic message.

Was Rabshakeh trying overthrow Jerusalem? Yes, he wanted to conquer it.

The king of Assyria was a bad king? Yes, he wanted to conquer Jerusalem.Questions and Answers on Isaiah 36-42

Where is Telassar in Isaiah 37:12? The exact location is not known since there were more than one place which had that name but it was probably in the area of Mesopotamia.

Hezekiah was telling the LORD what to do. Yes, in his prayer he was. This is not a bad thing.

The two women they are talking about in Isaiah 37:22 are very bad? “The virgin, the daughter of Zion” and “the daughter of Jerusalem” are not actual people but rather represent the Jewish people who rejected God and served idols. Now they wanted God to deliver them from Rabshakeh and the king of Assyria.

The Lebanon they are talking about in Isaiah 37:24 is it the Lebanon of today? It is the same general geographical area.

What do they mean “cast a bank against it” in Isaiah 37:33? God will not allow the attackers to build a mound to hide behind for protection as they attack the walls of Jerusalem.

Why did the LORD talk to Isaiah and not to Hezekiah in Isaiah 38:4? Isaiah was the prophet of the LORD. In Old Testament times, God talked through His prophets.

I don’t think Hezekiah liked what the LORD said. Hezekiah liked it because God spared his life and gave him 15 extra years. But I don’t think that God liked what Hezekiah asked. I believe that it was God’s will for Hezekiah to die then and not have 15 extra years. During those “bonus” years Hezekiah did not do much for God and he fathered Manasseh which was a very evil king.

I wonder if you took a lump of figs today and put it on a boil it will heal. Yes, fig poultices are used to heal conditions including abscesses, boils, warts, blister, scar tissues, ulcers and more. I just don’t know where to get fresh figs. I don’t think that dried figs would have the same healing properties.

Why was the LORD mad at Hezekiah that He let everything he had to be taken to Babylon? Hezekiah should not have shown a heathen king the treasures of the Lord. This is like showing off to our enemies. Babylon was a pagan heathen kingdom which was an up and coming power. You don’t want heathen kingdoms to have access to God’s private affairs.

Is the Lord GOD talking about when He comes to take the born again to heaven in Isaiah 40:10-11? Yes, I think so.

Who is talking about making a graven image that shall not be moved in Isaiah 40:20? This is referring to a poor person who cannot afford even to hardly buy food. Yet he will sacrifice enough money to buy a piece of wood to make a god out of it.

Are they talking about the great white throne judgment in Isaiah 41:1? No, God is making a case to all the nations that He alone is God and not their false gods.

In Isaiah 41:16 & 17 God will not forsake them even if they disobey Him. Right, they are His people and He will take care of them even though He may have to discipline them with judgment.

What is the oil tree in Isaiah 41:19, and the box tree? The “oil tree” may be either the olive tree or a type of pine tree from where pitch is extracted. The “box tree” is the shittah or acacia tree.

What is “a bruised reed” in Isaiah 42:3? This refers to a weak, feeble and hurt person.

Is there more than one heaven? Yes, the Bible refers to at least three heavens:
First heaven – the atmosphere where birds and airplanes fly
Second Heaven – the universe – deep space
Third Heaven – the abode of God

When God opens the blind eyes does He mean you are born again Isaiah 42:7? Yes, this is referring to spiritual blindness.

Who or what is Kedar in Isaiah 42:11? Kedar refers to a band of nomadic Arabians.

Is God talking about the tribulation in Isaiah 42:14? This is referring to judgment in general, not necessarily the 7 year tribulation.

Finished with Isaiah 36-42? Continue your study with Isaiah 43-45.

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