Isaiah Chapters 22-35 Questions and Answers

Isaiah Chapters 22-35

Questions and Answers on Isaiah 22-35Isaiah chapters 22-35 continue the Bible study on the book of Isaiah. Isaiah is a difficult book to understand and my answers may not be agree with leading Bible scholars or they may not be correct at all. However I hope that the answers on Isaiah 22-35 will help you to understand and think about this wonderful book.

Where was “the valley of vision”? This was the land of Judea, since is was bordered by mountains.

In Isaiah 22:3 God turns His back on them because the people were so bad? This refers to when Nebuchadnezzar attacking Jerusalem.

In Isaiah 22:14 is God saying that you have to be born again for your sin to go away? No. God is saying that their sin will haunt them all the days of their lives.

Was Trye not a place to live for 70 years and after 70 years it was still a very bad place. Tyre would be overthrown by the Babylonians and for 70 years be in subjection to them. Then after 70 years it would regain at least some of its former glory.

In Isaiah 24 are they talking about the tribulation? This is a twofold prophecy. This refers to both the overthrow of several nations and cities and yes, it is also looking forward to the Tribulation.

The pit they are talking about in Isaiah 24 is it hell? No, in this instance, “the pit” simply refers to a trap in the ground where if you fall into it, you are stuck unless someone pulls you out.

What mountain are they talking about in Isaiah 25? Sometimes in the Bible the word “mountain” is symbolic for a kingdom. This mountain in Isaiah 25 is symbolic for the kingdom of God, even possibly referring to the new heaven and the new earth.

The second half of Isaiah 25 is God saying that His people will come back to Him? Yes, eventually He wants His people with Him.

What does “bulwarks” mean in Isaiah 26:1? Bulwarks are walls of defense around a city.

What other lords are they talking about in Isaiah 26:13? This may refer to the foreign kings who had enslaved them, or to the idols whom they had worshipped.

Please explain Isaiah 27. Leviathan refers to Satan and all of those heathen nations which are controlled by Satan who are enemies of God’s people. Verses 2-6 talk about God’s care of His vineyard which represents His people. These verses are in the form of a dialogue. Verses 7 & 8 tells about the lenient judgments of God on His people. Verses 9-11 are a mixture of both promises and threatenings as He chastens them in love because of their idolatry. Verses 12 and 13 tell of the gathering and restoring of God’s people to Him.
In Isaiah 28:1 you should not have pride. Yes, you are right. Pride is always a very bad sin.

Was God saying in Isaiah 28:7 that priest and prophet drink too much and judgment was off? Yes, they could not do their jobs correctly because of the sin of drunkenness.

What cornerstone was God talking about in Isaiah 28:16? This is a reference to Jesus Christ – He is the cornerstone of the Church.

What strange act was God talking about in Isaiah 28:21? I think that this refers to the tribulation.

Where is Ariel at? Ariel is a reference to Jerusalem.

Are there people who went to take over Ariel? This is referring to the invasion of Sennacherib.

What book are they talking about in Isaiah 29:12? This is a hypothetical book where the vision of all prophecy is written down.

Who are they talking about in Isaiah 30? These are the Jews who when Jerusalem is threatened by Sennacherib in Chapter 29 rely not on their God but rater on the strength of the armies of Egypt.

Who are the thousand that flee at this rebuke of me in Isaiah 30:17? These are the disobedient people of God who are trusting in Egypt instead of God. God had promised them, that if they continued obedient to Him “one of them should chase a thousand” of their enemies (Deuteronomy 32:30)  so here He threatens the quite contrary because of their disobedience.

Who has graven images in Isaiah 30:22? These are God’s people who have idols which makes God very displeased.

Is God speaking to his people in Isaiah 30:30? Yes, His glorious voice will be raised against the enemies of His people.

Are some of the people of Israel going to Egypt in Isaiah 31:1? Yes, the Jews were threatened by the armies of Sennacherib and they turned not to God, but to Egypt for help.

The LORD was defending Jerusalem in Isaiah 30:5? I don’t understand the question.

What does “the wind” mean in Isaiah 32:2? This means nothing more than the strong physical winds.

What does it mean “the liberal” in Isaiah 32:8? The definition of “liberal” here is “generous”. The generous person will be blessed, i.e. “made fat”.

The salvation in Isaiah 33:2 is like our salvation or is it something else? The use of the word “salvation” refers here to a physical salvation.

What does “tumult” mean in Isaiah 33:3? Tumult – a loud, confused noise, especially one caused by a large mass of people: confusion or disorder.

Are they talking about the last battle that God does before the one thousand year reign in chapters 34 and 35 of Isaiah? I think you are right. These two chapters do go together and they refer to at least in part to the millennial reign of Christ.

Finished with Isaiah 22-35? Continue with Isaiah 36-42.

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