Isaiah Chapters 1-7 Questions and Answers

Isaiah Chapters 1-7

Questions and Answers on Isaiah 1-7Isaiah 1-7 begins the study on the book of Isaiah. The book of Isaiah is the first book of the major prophets and therefore this is a book of prophesies. The prophet of Isaiah lived 700 years before Christ yet in chapter 7 he told of the virgin birth of Jesus. Isaiah was was the prophet to the kingdom of Judah and he lived a prophesied during the reign of these kings of Judah: Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. Isaiah chapters 1-7, like the rest of the book of Isaiah is a bit hard to understand, yet I hope that with these questions and answers you will be able to learn from this deep but wonderful book of the Bible.

Who wrote the book of Isaiah? Isaiah, the prophet of God.

Were they saying that Israel’s people did not know God in Isaiah 1:3? Yes, God’s people willingly forgot Him.

What do they mean “a lodge in a garden of cucumbers” in Isaiah 1:8? This was a field where cucumbers were grown. and there was erected a temporary shelter for the caretaker or the garden of cucumbers. This verse is a picture of loneliness. The Jews were left abandoned.

I thought Gomorrah was bad. Yes, it was. And it was totally destroyed because it was bad. The Jewish people could have been very much destroyed just like Sodom and Gomorrah except that God in His mercy chose to leave a few, a remnant and therefore they did not suffer the same fate as Gomorrah and Sodom.

Was God or the LORD talking in Isaiah 1:13-31? The LORD, (Jehovah, God’s personal name) I talking, see verse 18.

The mountains they are talking about in Isaiah 2:2 are they different from the mountain God gave Moses the 10 commandments? Yes, I believe that this mountain is Mount Moriah, where the Temple was built. This verse refers to the millennium reign of Christ. The 10 Commandments were given to Moses on Mount Sinai.

In Isaiah 2:4 what are plowshares and pruning hooks? These are instruments of harvest, not instruments of war.

In Isaiah 2:4 it said none shall not lift up sword against nation neither shall they learn war any more But they did, why? This verse, and much of the book of Isaiah is future, looking forward to the millennial reign. During this time, there will be no war.

What do they mean that they please themselves in the children of strangers Isaiah 2:6? They join themselves to heathen people and copy the customs of the heathen.
You cannot hide from God. No you cannot and your sin will find you out.

Did the Lord, the LORD of hosts took away the bread and water in Jerusalem and Judah in Isaiah 3:1? They trusted in themselves and not God so He sent famine to them.

What does it mean, “babes shall rule over them” in Isaiah 3:4? Children and babes is a reference describing unworthy and incompetent men.

I did not know that they had ornaments like headbands, earrings, rings and nose jewels, etc. as described in Isaiah 3:18-26. Yes, although this is ancient history, these were very advanced civilization and women loved to decorate themselves just as we do today with all kinds of jewelry, etc.

Why seven women did take hold on one man in Isaiah 4:1? This will be during the millennial reign of Christ. After the Tribulation most of the world will be dead. Those survivors will be mainly women. To repopulate the earth, polygamy will be practiced. One man will have more than one wife, and he will get all of his wives pregnant to fill the earth again.

In Isaiah 5 are they saying that you should not join house to house? No, what is being referred to here is the buying houses and lands adding to what they already have because they had an insatiable desire to riches and they were doing this at the expense of their poorer brothers.

What are they talking about in Isaiah 5:14? The torment side was on the bottom. Paradise, where the Old Testament believers went after they died, was on the top. The top compartment was also known as Abraham’s bosom. See Luke 16: 20-31. When Christ arose, He “led captivity captive” and took all of the Old Testament believers to heaven, leaving the torment part of hell there. But now hell was bigger, it had enlarged herself. When this was written it was prophecy, but it was fulfilled at Christ’s resurrection.

In Isaiah 6:1 people saw the Lord sitting on the throne. Only Isaiah saw this vision, no one else.

Please explain what was on the throne. This was a vision of the Lord God in the Most Holy Place of the temple. The phrase “his train filled the temple” this refers to His clothing. His clothing included a train, like the long skirt of a wedding dress. There was the Lord and there were angels, seraphim, (angels with 6 wings each) flying around Him.

Who are they talking about in Isaiah 6:1-2? God, the Lord, the master.

Was Ahaz a bad person? He was a king of Judah and he worshiped idols, so yes, he was a bad king.

Was Isaiah 7:14 the first time in the Old Testament that the birth of Jesus was mentioned? The first reference to the coming of Jesus was in Genesis 3:15. There were other vague references pointing to Jesus but this was the first specific reference saying just how He will come.

What was meant in Isaiah 7:21-25? This passage is referring to the time immediately following the end of the Tribulation. It seems to refer that this will be a time of agriculture and farming. The herds will be able to graze and they will produce milk abundantly.

Finished with Isaiah 1-7? Continue your Bible study with Isaiah 8-21.

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