Isaiah 61-66 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Isaiah 61-66Isaiah 61-66 Questions and Answers

Isaiah 61-66 ends the large book of the prophecy of Isaiah. Some Bible scholars have seen the the 66 chapters of Isaiah correspond to each of the 66 books of the Bible. This is amazing since the book of Isaiah was written long before the New Testament.

What prophecy is in Isaiah 61:1? This is referring to the coming Messiah.

What is “alien” in Isaiah 61:5? The way the word “alien” is used here is a reference to the Gentiles.

What are they talking about in Isaiah 61:6-7? “Priests of the Lord” seems to be a reference to Exodus 19:6 “And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation”. ” Also it could be a reference to the Church age where all believers are “a royal priesthood”. However this is written to Jews who were in captivity in Babylon. I think that it has a double meaning concerning both the restoration of those Jews to their native land and also looking forward to the millennial reign of Christ when the Jews will rule the world. They will enjoy double of the blessings because for centuries they had only shame and confusion.

What “robbery for burnt offering” in Isaiah 61:8? God is not pleased with people who get offerings for God in unlawful ways. If you want to bring an offering to God, don’t rob your neighbor and steal his lamb to offer it to God.

What are they talking about in Isaiah 62:1? I am not quite sure. This passage may refer to the prophet Isaiah as a representative of all of God’s people or even God Himself continually interceding for the nation of Israel to be totally restored to God. I think that the implication is again concerning the millennial reign of Christ.

What name are they talking about in Isaiah 62:2? A “new name” implies a new and vastly better condition. There is no specific name indicated.

Who or what is Hephzibah? This was the name of Manasseh’s mother. Hephzibah means “my delight is in her” or “married”. This is referring that the land of the Jews God will again embrace to Himself even thought He allowed them to go into captivity for a time.

In Isaiah 62 God is talking about the Gentiles and talking about the Jews. He is talking about how the Jews will eventually have a great place in the world. They were in captivity, seemingly rejected by God, not in the Church age, they are not regarded as much but in the reign of Christ, they will help rule the world.

What prophecy is in Isaiah 63:2&3? This is referring to Armageddon. Revelation 19:11.

What does it mean that “his arm brought salvation” in Isaiah 63:5? God used His own means to punish the evil and do good.

Isaiah 63:6 does not sound good. This is referring to God’s judgments in the Tribulation.

Please explain Isaiah Chapter 64. (Taken from Matthew Henry’s Commentary On The Whole Bible.)
Verses 1& 2 –  They pray that God would appear in some remarkable and surprising manner for them against their enemies.
Verses 3-5 – They plead what God had formerly done, and was always ready to do, for his people.
Verses 6& 7 – They confess themselves to be sinful and unworthy of God’s favor, and that they had deserved the judgments they were now under.
Verse 8 – They refer themselves to the mercy of God as a Father, and submit themselves to his sovereignty.
Verses 9-12 –  They represent the very deplorable condition they were in, and earnestly pray for the pardon of sin and the turning away of God’s anger.

This is a good example for anyone in great distress, we need to confess our sins and pray and ask God for His help and His deliverance.

Are they talking about Jesus in Isaiah 65:1? No this was talking about God long before Jesus came.

Is this where the Bible says that Jews cannot eat swine? No, not eating pork was part of the Law given to Moses. Here is the verse: Leviticus 11:7 & 8.

But since we are Gentiles we can eat pork.  Yes, God has made all meats clean. See Acts 10:15.  

In Isaiah 65:9 is it talking about Jesus? No, this particular passage is referring to the whole nation of Jews.

What are they talking about in Isaiah 65:10? Sharon was a place of great fruitfulness for grazing animals but it had become a wilderness. God promised that it would again be good grazing ground. “Achor” means “trouble” but God promises that this formerly troubling place will become a “door or hope” for those who seek Him.

God was very mad at His people in Isaiah 65:11-15. Yes, those that forgot Him and instead worshiped idols, made Him very angry.

In Isaiah 65:17 God is telling His people that are not doing right that they will not go to the new heaven and the new earth? No, He is saying that all the evil, sins, sorrows, grief, tears, etc that are in this present heaven and earth will not exist in the new heaven and earth.

Is God talking about New Jerusalem in Isaiah 65:18? Yes, He is.

In Isaiah 66:1 is God talking about a church? No, He was referring to the temple that Solomon first built for Him.

Were they not supposed to use swine blood for a sacrifice? Yes, swine were unclean animals and were to be eaten or used for sacrifices.

Who is the man child in Isaiah 66:7? This may have a double meaning. First, the deliverance of the Jews out of Babylon; second, the birth of Christ and the spread of the Gospel.

I cannot keep up with Isaiah 66. It seems to be going back and forth. Yes you are right. Here is an explanation: This last chapter of Isaiah is a summary of the book of Revelation.
Verse 1 – seems to allude to the church age.
Verses 2-4 – God is not happy with the outward ceremonial worship when His people are not worshiping Him in practice.
Verses 5-14 – God will work out physical salvation for His people and become an enemy to those who oppress them. He will comfort those that were persecuted. He will include the Gentiles in the abundance and peaceful satisfaction.
Verses 15-18 – God will bring His wrath upon His enemies.
Verses 19-24 – This seems to refer to the millennial reign.

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