Isaiah 51-60 Questions and Answers

Isaiah 51-60 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on 51-60Isaiah 51-60 includes the wonderful prophetic chapter Isaiah 53 telling of the suffering of the coming Messiah.

Who is talking in Isaiah 51:1? The prophet Isaiah is giving God’s message.

In Isaiah 51:5 is God talking? Yes, He is speaking through the prophet Isaiah.

Is God saying in Isaiah 51 that here are no good people? Basically, yes.

Are they saying if you are not circumcised you are unclean in Isaiah 52:1? Yes, the Jewish people had the sign of circumcision and circumcision made them ceremonially “clean”. Circumcision was a sign between God and His people. The Gentiles who did not practice circumcision were considered “unclean” not physically, but spiritually because they were not the chosen people. I am sure that some of the Jewish people thought that the uncircumcised Gentiles were also physically unclean because they were not circumcised.

Who is the daughter of Zion in Isaiah 52:2? This is referring to the Jewish children who were born to parents in the Babylonian captivity.

Why did the people go back to Egypt? This is referring to the time in Genesis when famine was in the land of Canaan and Joseph sent for his father and brethren to come to the land of Egypt where there was food and Joseph could take care of them.

What was the prophecy in Isaiah 52:14? This is referring to Jesus right before His crucifixion. He was so physically mutilated that He was not recognized as a man.

What is the prophecy in Isaiah 52:1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 1-12? In Isaiah’s day this prophecy was looking forward to the deliverance of the Jews from the Babylonian captivity.

Are some of prophecies in Isaiah 52 about Jerusalem? Yes, because the Jews will return to Jerusalem.

Isaiah 53 is all about Jesus when He came to be crucified. Yes, you are right. This wonderful chapter contains many prophecies that told of Jesus and He fulfilled them when He came and was crucified.

In Isaiah 54:3 what are they talking about that “thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles”? This seems to be a reference to the Millennial reign where The Jews in Jerusalem will be the head of all of the Gentile nations.

In Isaiah 54:11 what does “fair colors” mean?  Very beautiful colors.

What does “I have created the smith that bloweth the coals”, in Isaiah 54:16? God created the blacksmith who makes weapons of war.

In Isaiah 55 the LORD would like the people walk more in His ways not in the ways of the world. Yes, you are right.

What do they mean in Isaiah 56:3,”I am a dry tree”? A eunuch cannot reproduce so he cannot produce a family.

Who or what is an eunuch in Isaiah 56:4? A eunuch is a castrated male.

What do they mean “his watchmen are blind.” in Isaiah 56:10? The very ones that are supposed to watch over God’s people are not. They overlook problems just as if they are blind.

Who is talking in Isaiah 56:12? God, through the prophet Isaiah.

What holy mountain is God talking about in Isaiah 57:13? I think that this is a reference to the kingdom of heaven – the millennial reign of Christ.

In Isaiah 57:1-12 all they talk about is how very bad people are. Isaiah and God were very upset with the sinful people.

In Isaiah 57:13-21 are they talking about the people that are right with God? Yes, the people who are humble and turn to God, confessing their sins to Him, He will receive them and bless them.

Who is talking in Isaiah 58:1? God, through the prophet Isaiah.

What are they fasting in Isaiah 58:4? Fasting, not eating, is related to praying. These people were fasting and praying for God to bless their violent endeavors.

I thought that we were supposed to help feed the hungry. But in Isaiah 58:7 is says not to. No, this is talking that when you fast, you should take the food you would have normally eaten that day, or the equivalent amount of money and give that to the poor. These people were fasting but were not doing this.

Are you supposed to ask first before God helps you?  In Isaiah 58:8-14, God tells His people how He will help and guide them if they only look to Him for help and guidance. God wants us to come to Him and ask Him to help us.

Who are they talking about in Isaiah 59:1-2? Specifically this is talking to the Jews in Isaiah’s time but it can be applied to any person who loves their sins more than they love God.

It sounds like they turned back to God in Isaiah 59? God is scolding His people the Jews for appearing to turn back to Him but really they were just pretending.

In Isaiah 60 is it the start of the God sending someone to the Gentiles? Yes, it is looking forward to God reaching out to the Gentiles and He does in the book of Acts. The Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah so the God gave His salvation to the Gentiles.

Finished with Isaiah 51-60? Continue your study with Isaiah 61-66.

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