Isaiah 46-50 Questions and Answers

Isaiah 46-50 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Isaiah 46-50Isaiah is a book of prophecies. Verna’s Bible has notes concerning prophecies so in this post about Isaiah 46-50 and in other passages of Scripture that refer to prophecy, her Bible tells which prophecies have been fulfilled or not fulfilled. Many times she wants clarification on these prophetic passages.

In Isaiah 46:1-5 is about God 6&7 is about making a god of god and silver. In Isaiah 46: 1-7 God is scolding His people. He is their God yet they put their trust in ridiculous carved images which cannot help them.

In Isaiah 47:1 why will the “O daughter” be tender and delicate? The young ladies of Babylon will no longer be called “tender and delicate”. God is going to bring judgment upon Babylon since they took His people captive. The young ladies who lived in luxury will now be forced from their fancy homes. They will have to sit on the ground and no servant will be around to pamper them.

In Isaiah 47:3 what does the phrase  “I will not meet thee as a man” mean? It means that he will not have mercy on Babylon like he would another human being.

Who is or what are the Chaldeans? These were people of the ancient country of Chaledea which was located in the south east of Mesopotamia

What are sorceries in Isaiah 47:9? “Sorceries” refers to the art and practice of person who exercise supernatural powers through the aid of evil spirits. This also includes black magic and witches.

In Isaiah 48:1 were they or were they not telling the truth? This is referring to the nation of Israel, all of the Jews. They give lip service to God yet their actions do not back up their words since they insist on idol worship.

Who or what is “O isles” in Isaiah 49:1? I believe that this is a reference to the Gentile nations, reaching to even the tiny islands of the world.

What prophecy is not come to pass in Isaiah 49:2? This is referring to Christ. He will have a “sharp sword in His mouth”. The sharp sword is a reference to His Word.

Who has labored in vain in Isaiah 49:4? I think that Isaiah is referring to himself.

Are they talking about Jesus in Isaiah 49:5? No, I think it is still talking about Isaiah.

What prophecy has yet come to pass in Isaiah 49: 6-10? This prophecy was looking forward to Christ’s coming. He was rejected at His first coming but will come as Conqueror next.

Where is Sinem? Bible scholars disagree exactly what was called Sinem, but the two popular theories is that it is either the southern part of Egypt or China.

Who is forgotten in Isaiah 49:14? Zion, which represents the Jewish people in their Babylonian captivity.

Is God saying He will not forget His people in Isaiah 49:15? Yes. He has not forgotten His people even though they think that He may have and they have forgotten Him.

Is the LORD talking about divorce in Isaiah 50:1? God is using the example of a divorce to explain why the the Jewish people are in Babylonian bondage. The nation of Israel is God’s wife, just as the Church is Christ’s bride. God allowed His wife to be put away, like a marital divorce, into Babylonian captivity, for a time.

What is the LORD talking about in Isaiah 50:2 that he may be starting another world before He made this one? No, the world that we live in now is the original creation.

What prophecy were they talking about in Israel 50:5-7? This is referring to Jesus on earth, right before His crucifixion. His beard was plucked out, He was spit on and He was whipped yet His face was “like a flint” determined to do His Father’s will.

In Isaiah 50:8-11 I have no idea what they are talking about. Verses 8 & 9 tell of Christ’s triumph after His resurrection. God did and will help Him. Verses 10 & 11 talk about light. Light here represents truth. Those who fear the LORD and hear His servant (in this case the prophet Isaiah) has truth but for those who reject God, and try to find their own truth, they will only have sorrow.

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