Isaiah 43-45 Questions and Answers

Isaiah 43-45 Questions and Answers

Questions & Answers on Isaiah 43-45

Isaiah 43-45 are positive in tone as they talk about God’s promises and His mercy and grace to His people.

Who or what is Ethiopia and Seba in Isaiah 43: 3? These are both countries. Ethiopia is still a modern day country and is located in the continent of Africa. Seba was an ancient country most likely located in north eastern Africa also.

God was giving Jacob everything so he could get ahead. Yes, and because of God’s promise to Abraham. Jacob here is not necessarily a single person but rather represented the whole nation of Israel, all of the Jewish people. God wanted a special group of people to bear His name to the entire world and He would bless them.

Who are Chaldeans in Isaiah 43:14? These were people of the ancient country of Chaledea which was located in the south east of Mesopotamia.

In Isaiah 43:19 the new thing God is talking about is it Jesus? No. Here God was promising deliverance from the Babylonian captivity. The words “a way in the wilderness” and “streams in the desert” are symbolic for the deliverance that He is promising from Babylon. Wildernesses do not have paths, or ways and deserts doe no have streams. Captivities usually don’t end, but He said that He will make a new thing, i.e. the deliverance of His people.

What did they put “O” in front of Jacob and Israel in Isaiah 43? This is used in poetic or solemn language to show earnestness to an appeal. God really want both Jacob and Israel to listen to Him.

The first father God is talking about in Isaiah 43:27, was that Adam? It could be. But it could also be referring to the father of the Jewish people which would be Jacob.

What is Jeshurun in Isaiah 44:2? Jeshurun is another name for Israel given to them by Moses in Deuteronomy 32:15. It could be translated as “little Israel”.

What does “sunder” mean in Isaiah 45:2? This is a verb “to split apart”.

Why does the LORD make evil in Isaiah 45:7? This verse is a rebuke to the Persians who believed there where two gods, one that created light and good things and the other that created darkness and evil. God is saying that He alone is over all and He brings forth both the good and the punishments or the evil that comes on people is only with His permission.

What does “his maker” mean in Isaiah 45:9? This is a reference to God since He is the Maker of all people.

Please explain Isaiah 45: 8-11.
Verse 8 is  figurative speech concerning all of the wonderful and gracious acts of God. He is raining down showers of blessing out of heaven. The earth will open up to receive all of the goodness of God and to yield fruit. The deliverance of God’s people from Babylon will be done with righteousness, designed by God and fulfilled by Cyrus. It was Cyrus ( a non Jew) who delivers the nation of Israel.
Verse 9 refers to the “heathen” Cryrus will deliver God’s people, it is wrong to questions God or His methods. This can be applied to any human. We are but clay in God the Maker’s hands and we cannot questions God and His ways. We must be like the willing clay.
Verse 10 tells us that just as it is wrong for a child to be angry with their parents for their imperfections, it is also wrong for a person to be angry with God for His dealings with them.
Verse 11  – Although God is not obliged to explain things to His people He is gracious enough to initiate dialogue with them and tells them to “command ye me” which I would interpret as asking of Him for specific favors and blessing.

In Isaiah 45:13 is that about Jesus? No, this is referring to Cyrus King of Persia who helped the Jews get back into their country from Babylon and then helped to rebuild God’s temple at Jerusalem. Ezra 1:2 Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia, The LORD God of heaven hath given me all the kingdoms of the earth; and he hath charged me to build him an house at Jerusalem, which is in Judah.

What are “hoar” hairs? ”Hoar” means “white”. This is referring to someone with white hair, someone who is older.

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