Genesis 8-13 Questions and Answers

Genesis chapters 8-13 Questions and answersGenesis Bible Study Notes on Genesis 8-13

Genesis 8-13, describes the world and the people after Noah’s Flood.

In Genesis 8:4 Where is Ararat? The place Ararat is probably a location that was familiar to those before the Flood, and most Bible scholars believe that is in in the area of modern day Turkey. This is not Mt. Ararat but the Bible says, “in the mountains of Ararat”.

In Genesis 9:4 what are they not to eat? They were not to eat flesh with the blood. God allowed mankind to eat cooked animal flesh, but not the blood of the animal.

In Genesis 9:13 What does he mean, “I do set my bow in the cloud”?  This was the very first rainbow!  The rainbow was as promise from God that He would be merciful to man.

I will never remember all those names in Genesis 10. That is okay if you don’t remember all of the names. They are recorded for our information and we can always access them in the Bible.

What language did the people speak in Genesis 11:1? No one knows for sure. I am guessing that the original language, the one that Adam spoke was Hebrew since God spoke to Saul from heaven (in the New Testament) in Hebrew.

The LORD came down to earth to see the city and tower in Genesis 11:5? Yes, He did. This was the Tower of Babel.

In Genesis 12:2 What prophecy has yet to come to pass? The nation of Israel has not yet become a great nation. This will happen during the Millennial reign of Christ.

Did God appear to people that He was pleased with? Yes, and also, He appeared to those that He was not pleased with. When He wanted to give a special message, He went out of His way to contact the people. Here He was very pleased with Abram and He wanted to personally deliver His great promise of blessings to him.

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