Genesis 28-34 Questions and Answers

Genesis 28-34

Summary of Genesis 28-34

Since Jacob bought the birthright from his brother Esau, Jacob had the blessing of God. It was through Jacob that the promised One, Jesus Christ would eventually come. These chapters record the events of Jacob’s life including his four wives and his 12 sons an done daughter.

While God allowed Jacob to have four wives and blessed him too, this was not a happy family unit. Perhaps this illustration of multiple wives is to show that polygamy does not really work.

Genesis chapter 28 records the vision that Jacob had about the ladder reaching up to heaven and the angels going up and down. While this may seem like an ancient story that was only for Jacob, it is a good reminder to us that the messengers of God, His angels are busy about His work, which is helping to minster to His people, that means you and I! We do serve an awesome God, we like Jacob don’t always realize all of His many blessings to us.

Genesis 28-34 tell about Jacob, his wives and his children.

In Genesis 29 Jacob got two wives. Yes, he got Leah and Rachel.

How could Jacob get so many women with child? Both Rachel and Leah wanted babies and when they could not have them, they told Jacob to have sex with their maid so that their maids would bear children and Leah or Rachel would adopt the maids’ children.

In Genesis 30 why did Jacob separate the sheep and cattle? Laban was paying Jacob in livestock. So in order to know which animals belonged to whom, Jacob chose the spotted and speckled animals as his wages. The solid colored animals were Laban’s.

What is ringstraked? This is a color pattern similar to being speckled. The animals’ coat is not solid.

In Genesis 31:31 what does “peradventure” mean? This is an ancient word for “perhaps”.

Did Jacob get to keep his wives and children? Yes, all of them stayed together.

Why was Jacob afraid of Esau his brother? When Jacob left years before it was because Esau was intent on killing him. Jacob had no contact with Esau while he was away and didn’t know if Esau still wanted to kill him or not.

In Genesis 32 who did Jacob fight? This was an angel of God. We know that the man was an angel according to  Hosea 12:4 “Yea, he (Jacob) had power over the angel, and prevailed”.

Why did Shechem defile Dinah? Shechem was planning on marrying Dinah. And the Bible says that he loved her. In Shechem’s culture, sex before marriage was not a problem.

Why did Simeon and Levi kill all of the males in Genesis 34? They wanted to kill Shechem because of what he did with their sister. If they would have only killed Shechem, his other relatives would have killed Simeon and Levi and possibly even all of Jacob’s family in retaliation. So all of the males had to die.

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