Genesis 23-27 Questions and Answers

Genesis 23-27

Bible Study Summary of Genesis 23-27

After Sarah died at 127 years old, Abraham bought a burying place for her. It is interesting to note that Sarah is the only woman in the Bible whose age is given. With Sarah passed away, Abraham’s next move is to find a wife for their son Isaac. So Abraham sends his faithful, but unnamed servant to find a wife from his people, for his son. This unnamed servant is a type of the Holy Spirit of God. At the well, the servant prays that God would send the right woman for his master’s son. Rebekah comes and meets him and the servant finds out that she was of the family of Abraham. Rebekah agrees to go with the servant and become the wife of Isaac.

In Chapter 25, Abraham, even at his great age, marries another woman, this wife’s name is Keturah. Then they have six sons. God had told Abraham that he was going to be the father of many nations and these sons each became a nation. After Abraham dies, he is buried with his first wife Sarah.

Isaac and Rebekah after some fertility issues, finally conceive with twins: Jacob and Esau. Esau was the older son and with that came the privilege of being the family priest and getting the blessings of the firstborn. But Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob who really, very badly, wanted the blessing of God.

When it was time for Isaac to bless his sons, Jacob tricked his father into giving him the blessing. Jacob wanted the blessing of God so much that he deceived his father to get it. While he did wrong, his motives were interesting. Jacob saw the spiritual benefits and he was going to do whatever he had to in order to get them. Jacob should have trusted God to work if out for his benefit but because of his conniving, his brother Esau threatened to kill him so at the end of Genesis 27, Jacob is fleeing for his life to his mother’s family.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Genesis 23-27 covers facts about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What did Abraham pay 400 shekels for a burying place? Abraham was rich. He did not want to use his influence to get something for nothing. He could afford the price, and I think it was even an act of love that he paid for the place to bury his wife and eventually himself also. It was a good testimony to pay what the field was worth. Also after he paid for it, it was legally his property.

In Genesis 24: 3 why did Abraham not want the people to look for a wife for his son in the place where they lived? Where they lived was full of idol worship and Abraham wanted a wife for his son that believed in the one true God.

Why did Rebekah put a veil on herself when she understood who Isaac was in Genesis 24:65? I am not sure. Perhaps she was shy and even a bit nervous to meet her husband who had not ever seen her. Maybe she was being very modest and not wanting to appear very forward. Maybe some of both.

In Genesis 25: 7 was Abraham was 1315 years old? No, he was 175 years old. A score is 20, and he was “an hundred threescore and fifteen years”.

Why did Esau sell his birthright in Genesis 25:33? Esau did not value the spiritual blessings that naturally went to the firstborn.

What prophecy has not yet come to pass in Genesis 26:4? Partially this was fulfilled because in Jesus Christ, all of the nations of the world has been blessed. This promised is still being fulfilled since Abraham’s descendants are still multiplying.

In Genesis 26 why did they name their wells? This was a way of specifying landmarks. Wells were important gathering places, perhaps even cities grew up around wells.

I wish I could remember what you told me about Genesis 27 about the 2 brothers. Jacob was more spiritually minded than Esau. Jacob wanted God’s blessing even if he had to steal it.

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