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 Adam and Eve, Clean Beasts, Cain and AbelQuestions and answers on Genesit chapters 1-7

Verna started reading the Bible at the beginning. These are her questions on Genesis chapters 1-7.  To learn more about Verna see her story here.

I understand Genesis Chapter 1 but why did God say in Genesis 1: 27-31 before He made Adam and Eve in Chapter 2? Genesis chapter 2 gives the details of God creating man. He actually created Adam and Even in Chapter 1, Day 6 of creation, but He goes into more detail about what He actually did and how He did it in Chapter 2.

Are any of the rivers in Genesis 2 still there today? There is a river named Euphrates but neither that river nor the other three rivers mentioned in Genesis 2 still exists because after the Flood, the surface of the earth drastically changed. However, the book of Geneses was written after the Flood, but the author may have described the rivers that were there at the time of creation.

In Genesis 2:18 should the word “meet” be actually “mate”? No, “meet” in this context mean “suitable”. I think what this means is that among the animal kingdom there was no creature that was suitable for Adam to help him reproduce.

What prophecy has not yet come to pass in Genesis 3:15? This verse is the first mention of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “It (the seed of the woman which is Jesus Christ) shall bruise thy (Satan’s) head”. Although Satan bruised Jesus’ heel (figuratively speaking) when He died on the cross, Jesus will come back, rule the world and forever banish Satan (bruise his head) in a coming day.

In Genesis 4:15 what mark did God give Cain? I don’t know. The Hebrew word form mark is ‘owth which means “a sign, an omen, a warning, or a remembrance” This could have been a physical mark on Cain’s body or a verbal promise to Cain by God. The Bible does not specify what exactly the mark was.

Is Enoch still a city today? There is a city named Enoch in Utah but that is not the city of Genesis. No, that city does not exist today.

Where did all the people come from in Genesis 4:18-23? They were all descendants of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve had many children even though the Bible only mentions three of their sons. Siblings married each other and produced many people.

How did people live for hundreds of years back then? The whole atmosphere was different. It was truly a different world and the long age spans of hundreds of years were normal. But none lived more than 1000 years.

In Genesis 5:29 is this the Noah that built the ark? Yes, and Noah’s name means “comfort”.

What does it mean, “his days shall be an hundred and twenty years”? This is a reference that God would only allow 120 years before He would bring the Flood and destroy the world.

In Genesis 6:4 what does it mean “the sons of God”? This is an Old Testament reference to angels. Fallen angels and human women were mating and were product half human, half angelic offspring called “the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown”. These were the nephilim. I think that these offspring were the basis of the gods of ancient mythology.

What is gopher wood in Genesis 6:14? This is the only reference to this particular type of wood in the Bible. Bible scholars are divided on what kind of wood this really was. It is my opinion that it may have been a tree that is now extinct. Obviously, it was the type of wood that was strong enough to survive the elements.

In Genesis 7:2 what are “clean beasts”? Clean beasts were those that were used in sacrifice to God. Noah knew about clean and unclean animals before God gave the Law to Moses which also included dietary laws and sacrificial animals.

Genesis 1-7 Bible Study Summary

Genesis is such an important book of the Bible. The book starts out with God and if you don’t believe the first four words of Genesis, there is no reason to go further in your Bible study. Here in the book of Genesis, the origin of the world is described. It seems that instead of man evolving into something better, that rather mankind is actually devolving. The mind that God gave to Adam was possibly far superior than our minds today. I heard that we use only a very small fraction of our brains, I believe that both Adam and Eve used all of their brain capacity. Yes, with all the good that they enjoyed, they still sinned against God.

Genesis 1-7 ends with the flood of Noah. God gave His creation free will, there was no capital punishment and in less than 1000 years, the whole earth was filled with violence. There was so much violence that God wanted a new start, a new beginning. He destroyed the old earth, saving only eight persons to in a sense to go into a very new earth.

Do you have a question on Genesis Chapters 1-7? Let me know by asking in the comments below.

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