Ezra Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on the Book of Ezra

There are ten chapters in the book of Ezra. Ezra was a scribe who helped the project of rebuilding the Temple of God at Jerusalem after the Jews returned to their homeland following their captivity on 70 years in Babylon.

Questions and Answers on Ezra

Was Cyrus a good king? He was a heathen king whom God used to help the Jews. God in Isaiah 44:28 calls Cyrus, “my shepherd” and said that he would rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

Who is Nebuchadnezzar? He was the king of Babylon.

Does threescore mean 60? Yes, a “score” is 20.

Was there anybody left after they raided the country because there were a lot of people coming back to Israel in Ezra 2? There were some of the Jews left in Israel after the captivities. The people coming back to Israel were those who had been captured were returning to their own country.

What was the name of the 7th month? Tishri – this was the month of harvest.

What do the names of the month and days mean? Honestly I don’t know. I am sure there is a meaning but that would have to have a whole bunch of research. This is something to ask God about in heaven.

Was the land of Persia Jewish? No, some Jews lived there but Persia is not a Jewish country.

What city is in Ezra chapter 4? This is referring to the city of Jerusalem.

Do Jews kiss each other on the cheek when they meet? Some do but not everyone.

Did King Cyrus gave back the vessels that were in the house of God? Yes he did see Ezra 1:7 and Ezra 5:14.

Was King Artaxerxes a good king? This depends on who you ask. I don’t think that he was a Godly king. He had a very vicious temper and put people to death on a whim.

Judges in Ezra’s day are not like judges are today? The judges in Ezra’s day dealt with the laws of Moses concerning the people. The judges today use the laws of the land, like the Constitution, in their ruling over the people.

Did some of the people of Babylon believe in God? I am sure that some of the Babylonians did convert to the one true God.

In Ezra 9, did the Jews give their daughters to their sons? The Jewish women were to be married to Jewish men since these were people of the same faith. Siblings and close relatives were not married to each other.

What is “very sore”? The people wept a great weeping, they cried long and hard.

Was Ezra a good king? Ezra was not a king. He was a priest and a scribe.

What are strange wives in chapter 10? These were women who were not Jewish – who did not believe in the God of Israel.

Finished with the book of Ezra? Continue with the book of Nehemiah.

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