Ezekiel 40-48 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Ezekiel 40-48Ezekiel 40-48 Questions and Answers

Ezekiel 40-48 ends the book of Ezekiel. The prophecies continues in Ezekiel 40-48 seem to point to the millennial reign of Christ.

Ezekiel 40:1 did not make any sense. This verse is setting the exact date of when Ezekiel received this particular message from God while he goes on to recorded in the rest of the chapter.

What was being measured in the first 36 verses of Ezekiel chapter 40? The new temple. The temple of the Lord that Solomon built was destroyed when Jerusalem was destroyed. This new temple was a vision for hope for the Jews to be restored to their land and worship again. I don’t know if what Ezekiel saw may be the dimensions of the temple that will be used during Christ’s millennial reign.

Are verses 37-43 of Ezekiel 40 are talking about tables for burnt offerings? Yes, these tables will be used to kill and prepare the sacrifices.

Ezekiel 40:44 mentions singers. Yes, it seems that there will be a choir of sorts to worship God.

Ezekiel 40:45-46 mentions priests. Yes, men from the tribe of Levi will serve as priests.

Ezekiel 40: 47-49 are about measuring. Yes, these are the measurements of the court of the temple and the porch of the temple.

Ezekiel Chapter 40 was about measuring. Yes, these are the measurements of the future temple. The exactness that is seen gave the Jews hope that their temple will be rebuilt.

What are they measuring in Ezekiel 41:1-17? This is still giving measurements of the future temple.

I thought that cherubs had more than two faces. You are right, they have four. Since these were decorations placed in the wall the viewer would only see two of the four.

What is it about the east? Jesus Christ will enter in from the eastern entrance.

What are they measuring in Ezekiel 43? This is about the gates of the future temple.

Did they really clean the place where they kill animals for the sin offering? It seems that they cleansed the place of sacrifice with blood, not water.

Are they saying if you are uncircumcised you cannot go into them in ? Uncircumcised in flesh means you are not a Jew so you cannot go in. Uncircumcised in heart means that you don’t care to follow the laws of God so you too cannot go in.

What are they talking about that he will make them keepers of the house in Ezekiel 44:14? This verse is referring to the Levites which were the priestly tribe. For those Levites that went away from God and worshipped idols, He will not allow them to serve Him in the capacity of a priest but He will allow them to serve Him in a lesser position as “keepers of the house”. The house is God’s temple.

In Ezekiel 44:16 that they should minister unto God. They will be able to take care of the furniture and other things in the temple. Their role will be housekeepers of the temple but not full fledged priests.

In Ezekiel 44:17 they could not wear wool in the sanctuary. Yes, they could not wear wool.

They had to wear linen bonnets upon their head. They were to not to wear anything that did not cause you to sweat. Yes, you are right. They were not to wear anything that would cause them to swear.

They could grow beards nor shave their heads or grow long hair in Ezekiel 44:20. The word “poll” means “to cut”. The priests were not allowed to shave their heads bald nor were they allowed to have long luxurious hair like women. They were only to cut their hair, obviously to a shorter length but still have hair.

What do they mean that priests cannot marry widows unless the widow was married to a priest in Ezekiel 44:22? The priests were special and therefore the women they married had to be either a virgin or a widow that was already married to a priest. Their office was holy and this extended to their families.

What do they mean that priests can’t eat anything is dead of itself or torn whether it be fowl or beasts in Ezekiel 44:31? The priests had to be careful what they ate so that they could keep healthy. A dead animal that died of unknown causes could be diseased. Eating a diseased animal could be harmful to their health.

How many holy places are they to build in Ezekiel? In the temple there was to be the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place.

What does ephah and homer mean in Ezekiel 45:11? The terms “ephah”, “bath” and “homer” all are units of measure. The “bath” was for measuring liquids. A homer equals 30 bushels. An ephah was three bushels.

I thought shekels stood for money. Shekels are a form of currency but they were also used as a measurement of weight.

What is “ye shall offer the tenth part of a bath out of the cor” in Ezekiel 45:14? Bath- contained about twenty-four gallons. The cor-(or homer) these were two names of the same measure.

After the burnt offering who eats the meat? Most of the burnt offering is totally consumed. The priests do eat of some of the sacrifices.

Why if you come in by the south gate you left by the north gate but it you came in north gate you need to leave by the south gate in Ezekiel 46:9? From Adam Clarke’s commentary: “the people were not permitted to turn round and go out at the same place by which they came in; for this was like turning their backs on God.” Please with such a large number of people it was practical for them to all move in the same direction and not turn around.

What are they talking about water issuing out from under the threshold in Ezekiel 47:1? I think that this is symbolic, the water symbolizes God’s grace to flowing out of His temple and the more it flows the deeper it gets.

What are they measuring in Ezekiel 47:3-5? This is still the symbolic water that flowed out of the temple.

The borders in Ezekiel 48:1-8 are they the border of today? There are no tribal borders in Israel today. This probably refers to the allotment of land of Israel during the Kingdom Age.

What is the length they are talking about in Ezekiel 48:8-10? This will be a portion of land that is set apart for the use of the priests.

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