Ezekiel 17-26 Questions and Answers

 Ezekiel 17-26 Questions and Answers

In Ezekiel 17-26 the prophet burdened and having his heart grieved by the sins of God’s people continue to tell about the judgement of God on His disobedient people.

Questions and Answers on Ezekiel 17-26.What was the riddle? The “riddle” in this case was an allegory, a parable. The riddle is the story of the two great eagles and their actions.

The LORD was telling the people that He could do anything He wanted to do to His people. Yes, he can. They are His people and He has control over them.

The son does not carry the father’s sins as long as he lives by God’s law. The son is judged by his own actions, not those of his father’s.

If the sinner turns away from sin and live by God’s rule he will live. Yes, God’s laws offer life.

What are they talking about in Ezekiel 19? In the first parable, the lioness is Jerusalem. The first of the young lions is Jehoahaz, deposed by the king of Egypt; and the second lion is Jehoiakim, whose rebellion drew on himself the vengeance of the king of Babylon.

In the second parable the vine is the Jewish nation, which long prospered, its land being fertile, its princes powerful, and its people flourishing; but the judgments of God, in consequence of their guilt, had now destroyed a great part of the people, and doomed the rest to captivity. (from Adam Clarke’s commentary)

What is the drink offering in Ezekiel 20:28? Usually wine is used for the drink offerings.

What is Bamah in Ezekiel 20:29? This is called “the high place”. This was a place where idols were worshiped despite the command of God not to do this.

The first part of Ezekiel 20 talks about when God brought them out of Egypt. Verses 2-32 God has the prophet remind the people is Israel of their rebellion and idolatry in Egypt, the wilderness and in Canaan.

The second part of Ezekiel 20 talks about them doing very bad things.  Yes, they did.

The last part He will forgive them if they leave their bad ways and go by His laws. In verses 33-44 God promises to restore them to their own land after they are purged from their sins.

In Ezekiel 21 it just repeats the same thing as before. They are not doing or going by God’ laws. This chapter is the prophecy of the judgment on Jerusalem.

The first half of Ezekiel 22 was about the city that sheddeth blood. Why did God not take it out? He did. That was what the captivity was all about. This city is Jerusalem.

What does “dross” mean in Ezekiel 22:19? Dross – unwanted material that is removed from a mineral (such as gold) to make it better.

The last half of Ezekiel 22 talks about melting the gold, silver and He will melt the people. God’s wrath would be so severe that it would seem that He was melting His people. He says that they have become “dross” in verse 19.

What is the difference between adulteries and whoredoms? Whoredoms are sexual interactions that usually involve money, adulteries usually do not.

What was God saying about in Ezekiel 23 that the two women were not good so He had to take care of them? These two women represent Israel and Jerusalem. Both of these areas originally worshiped the LORD but then both left Him to worship idols. Oholah is Samaria (the 10 tribes of Israel), and Oholibah is Jerusalem.

What parable are they talking about in Ezekiel 24:3? The pot with meat boiling in it.

Is God talking about the scum that is still in Jerusalem? Yes, He is referring to the sins of the people of Jerusalem. Just like there is scum left after you boil meat, and that is discarded, the sinfulness of Jerusalem is like the pot scum.

In part of chapter 24 all God can talk about is the bad stuff people are doing in Jerusalem. Yes, God is very upset with His people and rightly so.

People still did not believe that God was God. No, they did not. God sent Ezekiel the prophet to tell them but they did not listen.

What does “prophesy” mean in Ezekiel 25:2? This means to speak to the people the words that God spoke directly to the prophet Ezekiel. There are no prophets today since we have the entire Bible.

What does “couching place” mean in Ezekiel 25:5? This was to be a pasture area for sheep. Where there was once was a busy town, it would soon be destroyed and made into a grassy meadow to feed flocks of sheep.

There were people back then that did not be in God. Yes, you are right.

Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon is going to attack Tyrus. Yes, he conquered it after a siege of 13 years.

What engines are they are talking about in Ezekiel 26:9? Engines of war–literally, “an apparatus for striking.” “He shall apply the stroke of the battering-ram against thy walls.”

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